Policy for Publishing CSR Information

This report is created to deepen our stakeholders' understanding of the Yamato Group's stance and initiatives regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR).

At present, the Yamato Group is working as one to advance our long-term "DAN-TOTSU Management Plan 2019." This report shows how our employees aim for "DAN-TOTSU" as they work to fulfill our social responsibilities as a company. In reporting on initiatives concerning Safety, Environment, and Society in particular, we worked to make the report easy to read and understand through the format of employees' responses to stakeholders' questions.

Guidelines, etc. referenced

G.R.I. (Global Reporting Initiative), "Sustainability Reporting Guidelines" (G3.1 and G4); Ministry of the Environment, "Environmental Reporting Guidelines" (2012 version)

Period covered in report

Fiscal 2016 (April 2016 - March 2017)
Performance data is as of the end of March 2017, unless noted otherwise. (Some information from before the target fiscal year and after April 2017 is included in reporting on activities.)

Scope of report

Safety, environmental, social, and economic aspects of the activities of the Yamato Group.


October 2017 (scheduled next publication: October 2018)

Third-Party Opinion

In order to increase the objectivity and reliability of our CSR reports, we have received a third-party opinion.

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