Environment Under the key word "Necology," we are creating environmentally friendly logistics.
Yamato Group refers to our environmental conservation initiatives as "Necology." With environmental conservation a part of a corporation's responsibility to society, we encourage all employees to be constantly aware of environmental conservation as they conduct their daily tasks, in addition to ensuring that our corporate activities remain environmentally-friendly.
We establish environmentally-friendly logistics by  ensuring the environmental friendliness in all aspects of transport, especially packaging, transportation, and delivery.
We are committed to becoming a company that works hand in hand with the community to build a better society through the provision of these environmentally-friendly products and services.

* Necology: "Neco" comes from the Japanese word for "cat," found in the emblematic logo of the Yamato Group. We have given the name "Necology" to the movement by which this "Neco" (i.e., Yamato) engages in "ecology," and are communicating that name to society.

Results of Initiatives in Fiscal 2016

Initiatives Achievements and Results
  • Eco in transport
Every individual employee will drive at all times in an environmentally-friendly manner.
Adopting our unique safety and ecological navigation system in approximately a cumulative 32,000 delivery trucks
The unique See-T vehicular system of Yamato Transport (J) boosts the precision of eco-driving through visualization of fuel and other driving conditions.
We strive to reduce gas emissions, such as C02, by introducing low-emission vehicles and conducting pickup and delivery using hand-pushed trolleys and New three-wheelers (electric bicycle with a trailer).
Adoption of about 5,200 new three-wheelers (electric bicycles with trailers)
Yamato Transport (J) is undertaking expansion of deliveries that do not use motor vehicles.
Adoption of about 28,000 low-emission vehicles (55.9% of all Yamato Group vehicles)
In our pursuit of delivery that avoids the use of vehicles whenever possible, the Yamato Group is making use of new three-wheelers and hand-pushed trolleys. For vehicles that are required, we are making a shift to low-emission vehicles.
We strive to maximize the efficiency of logistics by promoting joint operations with other logistics providers and modal shift using trains and seafaring vessels.
Total volume handled by rail and marine transportation: About 430,000 tons
Reduction of environmental impacts in cooperation with a tram company
Yamato Transport (J) and Yamato Logistics have balanced flexible transport and CO2 emissions reductions by shifting certain shipments of candies from Hokkaido to event venues via railway and marine transport. We were recognized with an Award for Excellent Business Entities Working on Modal Shift (New Business Development Category) at the 14th Excellent Business Entities Working on Modal Shift organized by the Japan Association for Logistics and Transport.
  • Eco in facilities
Every employee will endeavor to minimize energy consumption and practice energy saving activities.
Displaying of Environmental Protection Declaration posters and Indoor temperature setting stickers in all Yamato Group offices
We are working to conserve energy by enforcing "Cool Biz" light summer wear and by reducing unneeded lighting.
We utilize renewable energy sources and promote the conservation of energy at our facilities.
Adoption of the latest environmental technology at Haneda Chronogate
Incorporating the latest environmental technology that makes use of natural energy we achieved a CO2 reduction of 46% compared to conventional facilities. Also, we were able to recycle 100% of unnecessary items arising from facilites.
We strive to reduce waste by promoting green purchasing, recycling and a paperless office.
Green purchasing ratio: 83.7% (0.4 percenage point increase compared to fiscal 2015)
We strive to select and purchase items with the least impact on the environment.
  • Eco in products
We develop and promote products using returnable materials and other environmentally-friendly products.
Development and promotion of environmentally-friendly packaging materials
The Yamato Packaging Technology Institute has developed packaging material that does not require package cushioning, and packaging material that can be easily separated from other waste.
We propose work efficiency solutions and contribute to customers' energy conservation.
Provision of services that leverage information communication technology (ICT)
We provide joint transport services for products, joint usage-type online statement notification services, and other services to support more efficient work by customers in a variety of industries.
  • Eco with local communities
As a member of local communities, we participate in community environmental conservation initiatives.
Active participation in local cleanup campaigns
We hold environment classes to convey the importance of the environment.
We hosted the Kuroneko Yamato Environmental Class 128 times during the year, with approx. 9,240 children participating.
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