With respect for human life as our top priority, we are always striving to achieve safety.

Results of Initiatives in Fiscal 2016

Initiatives Achievements and Results
  • Formulation of safety plans
Plans to assure transport safety
4 major accidents (4 major traffic accidents, 0 major occupational accidents), including no-fault accidents
The Yamato Group aims to reduce traffic accidents to zero. Every year, Yamato Transport (J) formulates a plan to assure transport safety, and displays posters providing information on safety goals and initiatives at all offices.
Safety Experts stationed nationwide: 312
At District Branch, Yamato Transport Co. Ltd. has stationed safety training directors. These experts in safety measures provide safety instruction to Sales Drivers.
  • Training of Sales Drivers
Education to improve skills
Sales Drivers who have received ride-along instruction from Safety Experts and/or managers: 44,392
Safety training provided to employees by Safety Experts: 2,331 times
Safety information magazine and safety calendar
Yamato Transport (J) publishes the safety information magazine "Safety First" with safe driving tips and other information for Sales drivers, the "Driver's Safety Handbook" carried by all Sales Drivers, and the "Safety Calendar" that aids in training to improve risk sensitivity.
  • Promotion of safety awareness among employees
Zero Traffic Accidents Campaign
Implementation of the Zero Traffic Accidents Campaign
The Yamato Group implements the Zero Traffic Accidents Campaign in April and September at all group companies, including outside of Japan. Yamato Transport (J) has conducted the campaign continually since 1970. In fiscal 2016, the spring session focused on temporary stops, secondary stops and pointing and calling, while the autumn session covered the theme of practicing TTS*. As a result of these efforts, we achieved our goal of zero traffic accidents.
Temporary stops (stop), secondary stops (indicate), pointing and calling (identify)
Commendations and contests
Long-Running No-Accident Commendation awardees: 8,274
Every year, Yamato Transport (J), Yamato Home Convenience, Yamato Global Express, and Yamato Multi Charter commend Sales Drivers who excel in safe driving and who remain accident-free.
Yamato Transport Nationwide Safety Contest
At the sixth safety contest held by Yamato Transport (J), 56 winners of contest at branches nationwide, at Okinawa Yamato Transport, and at Yamato Global Express competed on safety consciousness and driving technique. From this time, the two-ton MP van category (automatic transmission) was newly created.
Also, the Tohoku District Branch of Yamato Home Convenience held a driving contest.
In addition to this, Employees of Yamato Multi Charter Co., Ltd. actively participated in outside drivers’ contests.
Toward the achievement of safe work environments
Initiatives to prevent occupational accidents
The Yamato Group performs internal sharing of information on near-miss incidents that can lead to major accidents, and formulates and carries out measures to achieve safe workplace environments. In addition, all group companies implement measures such as forklift safety seminars and Safety Week, which aims to improve safety consciousness.
  • Maintenance of equipment and safety systems
Vehicle maintenance
Vehicle maintenance plant Superworks: 23 sites
Superworks are Yamato Autoworks' 24-hour, 365-day maintenance plants that feature greatly enhanced work efficiency. Of the company's 71 plants nationwide, 23 have been designated Superworks.
Mechanics: About 940 (including 600 with vehicle inspector qualifications)
Yamato Autoworks actively supports its mechanics' acquisition of vehicle inspector qualifications in addition to normal mechanic qualifications. This enables the mechanics to perform completion inspections and confirm that vehicles conform to safety standards following maintenance.
Adoption of equipment and tools
Enforcing driver's license checks through the adoption of IT systems
In addition to visual confirmation of licenses, Yamato Transport (J) uses portable information devices to check IC card licenses, providing support for operation management work and enforcing compliance through IT.
Adopting See-T Navi in delivery vehicles to support safe and Earth-friendly driving
Yamato Transport's proprietary See-T Navi onboard vehicle system supports safe driving with features that include digitized delivery route maps.
  • Overseas rollout of measures to assure safety
Safety measures matched to local traffic conditions
Safety measures matched to local traffic conditions
Safety managers, CSR managers and Safety Experts from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan observed the Yamato Transport Nationwide Safety Meet held in Japan and learned about new safe driving methods. These individuals are now rolling out what they learned in their own country using customized appraoches.
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