Society We aim to earn the trust and respond to expectations of society. The Yamato Group seeks to be a company that develops in a sustainable manner together with in our society, by being aware of our social responsibility, while putting importance on dialogue with all of our stakeholders.
In addition, through our social contribution activities and businesses, we will continue to solve the problems faced by local communities.

Results of Initiatives in Fiscal 2016

Initiatives Achievements and Results
  • Customers
Improvement of response quality
Implementation of customer service response competition (for customer Service Center operators, Guest Operators and Sales Drivers)
We evaluate operators who are in daily contact with customers, awarding those who score well in screening of response skills (facial expressions, conduct, way of speaking, diction etc.), product knowledge, and communication skills.
  • Employees
Education / training and career development
Implementation of training led by an outside instructor
We actively hold training led by an outside instructor. At Atsugi District Branch, we held hospitality training led by customer service instructors who were trained by outside instructors.
Work-Life Balance
715 persons took childcare leave / 570 persons worked shorter hours for childcare
At Yamato Transport in Japan (Yamato Transport (J)), employees can take childcare leave until the child become 14 months old, if their spouses are on childcare leave and shorter working hours for childcare can be taken until the child finishes fourth grade at elementary school.
We are certified by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a company that actively supports the balance between work and family life.
As of July 2017, three of our companies are certified by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a company that actively supports the balance between work and family life..
Yamato Management Service (2015), Yamato Logistics (2013), Yamato System Development(2011)
Respect for diversity
Promotion of programs for active engagement of female employees
We held the Female Leaders Meeting for female employees who have been with the Yamato Group at least five years to draw out their skills and appetite for success as leaders. Through the session for supervisors, we explained what is expected of supervisors in terms of promoting the more active role of women in the workplace.
Employment of 2,310 persons with disabilities (Employment rate: 2.15%)
We will continue to create a barrier-free workplaces conductive to work by people with disabilities.
  • Partners
Fair and unbiased trading / Collaboration for safety and improving service quality
Communication with about 210,000 TA-Q-BIN service partners
Our Sales Drivers make daily visits to service partners. We also issue the information magazine "Kuroneko-Dayori" to general service partners such as liquor and rice shops.
  • Shareholders
Appropriate and fair information disclosure / Enhancement of communication
We publish an annual report and a booklet for shareholders to disclose information.
Briefings for analysts held 4 times, and visited institutional investors for briefings in North America / Europe / Asia
We conduct briefings for analysts 4 times a year, as well as overseas briefings for institutional investors in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Local people
Social education support
Music TA-Q-BIN "Kuroneko Family Concert" held 9 times per year, with attendance by 11,588 people.
Cumulative 311 concerts with a total attendance of about 450,000 people.
"11th Yamato Transport Business Seminar for High School Students" Participation by 18 schools and 81 persons in fiscal 2016.
Cumulative participation by 100 schools and 557 persons (conducted every year since 2006)
The program received the Examination Committee Incentive Prize in the Awards for Companies Promoting Youth Experience Activities by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
"Children's Traffic Safety Workshop" held 1,754 times per year, with more than 180,000 participants.
Cumulative 27,871 times with participation by a cumulative about 2,900,000 persons (held every year since 2005)
Kuroneko Yamato Environmental Class
128 times per year with participation by about 9,240 people
Cumulative 3,121 times with participation by a cumulative 231,979 persons (held every year since 2005)
Promotion of CSV in partnership with local communities
Lifestyle support, sales promotion support, tourism support etc.
Total number of cases: 1,971 (611 cases in operation)
Number of agreements: 368 (as of the end of June 2017)
Through our main business, we make efforts to create value that can be shared by enterprises and society.
Support for economic independence for people with disabilities
Support for the creation of workplaces in which people with disabilities can be economically independent
Through the Yamato Welfare Foundation, we implemented the "Bridge to Dreams Project (Yume E No Kakehashi Project)" to assist the preparation of "economic independence".
Arrangement of Kuroneko direct mail delivery work for persons with disabilities
Nationwide operation of 29 "Swan Bakery" stores employing people with disabilities.
Fund raised through the Natsu No Kampa (summer donation) program: 72.89 million yen
About 200,000 employees in the Yamato Group raised funds for the Yamato Welfare Foundation and NPO Ashinaga.
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