February 23, 2018

Yamato Holdings to Implement Group Reorganization

Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo Ward, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Masaki Yamauchi) has announced group reorganization will be implemented effective April 1, 2018, as outlined below.

1. Purpose of Reorganization

As part of the structural reform and management system reform indicated in the company’s medium-term management plan, “KAIKAKU 2019 for NEXT100,” reorganization is designed to enable Yamato Logistics Co., Ltd. and Yamato Global Logistics Japan Co., Ltd. to address increasingly complicated logistics needs more quickly and more accurately, particularly for corporate customers, while eliminating business redundancies and streamlining operations.

2. Details of Reorganization

(1) Impacted companies

Yamato Logistics Co., Ltd. (YLC), Yamato Global Logistics Japan Co., Ltd. (YGL), Yamato Packing Service Co., Ltd. (YPC), Yamato Home Convenience Co, Ltd. (YHC), Yamato System Development Co., Ltd. (YSD), Yamato Multi-Maintenance Solutions Co., Ltd. (YMM)

(2) YLC and YGL’s businesses following reorganization


Business Overview
Sales logistics service YLC’s existing business
Medical logistics
e-Logistics solutions Business transferred from YSD
e-On-demand solutions
Setup and logistics solutions
Documents logistics Business transferred from YPC
Technical network Business transferred from YHC
Multi-maintenance Business transferred from YMM
Risk management

*YLC and YMM will be merged.


Business Overview
Trade logistics service YGL’s existing business
Overseas relocation support service Business transferred from YLC
Fine arts transport

(3) Date of reorganization: April 1, 2018

3. Impact on Business Performance:

The impact of reorganization involving consolidated subsidiaries on business performance is minimal.


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