SCG Yamato Express Co., Ltd
May 24, 2018

SCG Yamato Express acquires international standard certification – PAS 1018 –
for small-lot, refrigerated delivery services

The joint venture which was established between Yamato Asia Pte Ltd., and SCG Cement – Building Materials, SCG Yamato Express Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand, Representative President: Yoji Hamanishi, Representative vice President: Sakae Yamasaki, hereinafter referred to as “SCG Yamato Express”) hereby announces the acquisition of PAS 1018:2017 (hereinafter referred to as “PAS 1018”*1), an international standard certification for refrigerated delivery services.

1. Objective of obtaining the certification

As a result of rising economic growth and expanding e-commerce, the needs for refrigerated parcel delivery services are increasing not only in Japan, but all over the world. As testament to the high quality of service for refrigerated parcel deliveries, and to give even greater assurance to our customers, SCG Yamato Express had undergone an independent third-party review and obtained the PAS 1018 certification.

Thailand is experiencing rapid economic growth. Many companies in various industries, including manufacturing, have invested into the country. This trend is also observed in Japanese companies, which are establishing bases in Thailand to complement their other operating locations in Asia, such as in China and other country. Backed by a population of over 68 million people with rising disposable income, economic growth in Thailand is also expected to be sustained by rising domestic consumption. As the Thailand population with middle-income and above expands, there is now heightened interest and demand in fresh produce from Japan and Japanese food, as well as food quality and safety.

SCG Yamato Express has provided the Cool Ta-Q-Bin service in Bangkok city since March 2017. The delivery service for refrigerated parcels (fresh food and produce) of EC market in Thailand or imported from Japan, which are being offered to food & beverage outlets and each at home, is of the same service quality as Japan. By obtaining the PAS 1018 certification, SCG Yamato Express will strive to offer even greater peace-of-mind and safety standards for refrigerated delivery services in Thailand.

*1 PAS 1018: An international standard for the delivery services of refrigerated parcels that need to be transhipped. Apart from focusing on the temperature control of refrigerated compartments in delivery vehicles, the standard also stipulates the necessary requirements and procedures related to the handling of the parcels during the transhipment process. The standard was launched on February 28, 2017, with the participation of Yamato Holdings, various other delivery service providers that also handle refrigerated parcels, as well as several overseas industry organizations.

2. Summary

The following table summarizes the details of the company (i.e. SCG Yamato Express) that was certified.

Registered entity that was certified SCG Yamato Express Co., Ltd.
Certification number TCDS 683631
Scope of certification Cool Ta-Q-Bin, International Cool Ta-Q-Bin *
Certifying Authority BSI Group Japan K. K.
Date of Certification April 26, 2018

* The International Cool Ta-Q-Bin Service provided by SCG Yamato Express is available for parcels sending from Japan, with a destination to regions of Thailand.

3. Future undertakings

As Yamato Group expands its Cool Ta-Q-Bin service in Asia, the Group is also proactively seeking to enhance the delivery service quality in the respective regions. The PAS 1018 certification obtained in Thailand serves not only to offer higher service quality and re-assurance of safety standards to customers in Thailand, but also to encourage other logistics service providers within Asia to obtain the certification. This would in turn, be able to contribute to the sustainable growth and market expansion for small lot, refrigerated delivery services in the region.

4. PAS 1018 certification ceremony

The certification ceremony was held on May 23, 2018.

[From left ] Yoji Hamanishi, Representative President of SCG Yamato Express; Bookkhalakorn Chaidee Sales director of BSI Thailand; Sakae Yamasaki;Representative vice President of SCG Yamato Express.

[From left ] Yoji Hamanishi, Representative President of SCG Yamato Express; Bookkhalakorn Chaidee Sales director of BSI Thailand; Sakae Yamasaki;Representative vice President of SCG Yamato Express.

5. About BSI Group Japan

BSI Group Japan is a British Standards Institution (“BSI”)-affiliated entity that was established in Japan. It offers a range of standards-related services, primarily through the provision of its certification services and training courses for management systems and medical equipment. This industry leading assessment and certification body provides the widest range of standards certification services, and has also awarded more standards certificates than any other assessment body (from a list of more than 60 such assessment bodies that are registered in Japan).
URL: http://www.bsigroup.com/ja-JP/

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