Editorial Policy

The Yamato Group discloses information through various media in order to foster understanding and empathy among the stakeholders listed in the Yamato Group Corporate Philosophy, including customers, employees, partners, local communities, and shareholders, with regard to its CSR policies and initiatives.

This website provides comprehensive information on the Yamato Group’s CSR activities.

Main changes on the website from fiscal 2017

  • A new ESG data webpage was established containing our various policies and performance data on CSR
  • The website's overall structure and content has been reviewed following the disclosure needs of society

Guidelines, etc. referenced

G.R.I. (Global Reporting Initiative), "Sustainability Reporting Guidelines" (G3.1 and G4); Ministry of the Environment, "Environmental Reporting Guidelines" (2012 version)

Period covered in report

Fiscal 2017 (April 2017 - March 2018)

Performance data is as of the end of March 2018, unless noted otherwise. (Some information from before the target fiscal year and after April 2018 is included in reporting on activities.)

Scope of report

CSR activities of the Yamato Group.


February 2019 (scheduled next publication: August 2019)

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