CSR Management

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Vision

As a company that provides an important public service and grows together with society, the Yamato Group aims to become a company most loved and trusted by society.

With the company precepts established in 1931 as a foundation, we formulated the Yamato Group Corporate Philosophy comprising the management philosophy, corporate stance, and employee code of conduct.

The Yamato Group's CSR vision entails achieving sustainable growth together with society by realizing our management philosophy through our corporate stance cited in the Yamato Group Corporate Philosophy and our own individual actions as a member of society.

CSR Promotion System

We have established a dedicated department at Yamato Holdings for overseeing the entire Group's CSR promotion efforts. In addition, CSR managers are appointed at each Group company to promote CSR activities across the entire Group.

The Global Environmental Committee comprised of CSR managers from major Group companies convenes quarterly to share information and discuss a wide range of issues covering not only the environment, but society in general. Important items are then reported to the Management Committee or Board of Directors for further discussion and resolution, when needed.

Main Areas of Initiatives

The Yamato Group's initiatives focus predominantly on safety, environment, and society given the unique nature of its business and impacts on society.

Please see each section below for details of our initiatives.

  • Safety: With respect for human life as our top priority, we are always striving to achieve safety.
  • Environment: Under the key word "Necology," we are creating environmentally friendly logistics.
  • Society: We aim to earn the trust and respond to expectations of stakeholders.

Initiatives to Achieve the SDGs

The Yamato Group supports international initiatives for building a sustainable society. Toward this end, we became a signatory of the UN Global Compact in April 2014.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN in September 2015 represent a set of common targets for the international community to achieve together by 2030. The Yamato Group is now working through its businesses to solve the many urgent social issues facing the world indicated in the SDGs.


Our main initiatives in safety, environment and society are presented on each page related to their corresponding SDGs.
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