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Photo:  Yutaka Nagao / Representative Director, President and Executive Officer Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.

We Are Committed to Becoming a Company Most Loved and Trusted by Society

Yutaka Nagao
Representative Director,
President and Executive Officer Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.

Since our founding, the Yamato Group has achieved growth by providing valuable services that address new needs born from the changing times, driven by its constant focus on the demands and expectations of its customers and society. There is no mistaking that the foundation of our growth is marked by the sound development of society and the relationships of trust built with stakeholders.

Having reached the milestone of our 100th anniversary, the Yamato Group has begun working on reforms aimed at future growth. In the next 100 years, I believe that a company's involvement and solutions to environmental and social issues facing the world will be critical. The Yamato Group, which has been fostered by its stakeholders to become a company that serves as an important component of social infrastructure, will continually identify its responsibilities to society and carry out activities to live up to everyone's trust. Therefore, first we will identify material issues after correctly understanding the impacts our business activities have on the environment and society. Next, through our businesses, we will strive to solve international issues and attain targets set out in the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals.

As a company leading the development of a sustainable society, the Yamato Group focuses on management in harmony with the environment. We will pursue environmentally friendly logistics, and in particular use energy and resources more efficiently in transport and at our facilities, as well as provide products and services that reduce environmental impacts. Through these measures we aim to realize a low-carbon and resource recycling society.

The Yamato Group's most important asset is our 220,000-strong workforce. I believe that a core aspect of management is providing a safe work environment where all employees can recognize each other's contributions and feel a sense of job satisfaction. As a result, these measures form one of the most important aspects of our medium-term management plan called KAIKAKU 2019.

In addition, our businesses are built atop cooperation with various business partners. Through positive communication with these stakeholders, we are carrying out business activities across the entire supply chain that pays due consideration towards the environment, human rights, and labor practices.

In April 2014, the Yamato Group signed the UN Global Compact, an international initiative, as part of the globalization of its business activities. Since then we have stated our commitment to uphold the 10 principles across the four areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. We are now carrying out management closely in tune with these principles.

I stand committed to addressing various environmental and social issues with a responsibility to the sustainable growth of the Yamato Group and society. I will focus on corporate management that paves the way for the future in order to be a company that will be continually chosen by stakeholders.

Yutaka Nagao
Representative Director, President and Executive Officer Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.

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