Important Notice of Preventing the Infection and Spread of Coronavirus

Kuronekoyamato History Museum will quickly provide the latest information of coronavirus with paying close attention and implement as below to prevent the infection.

<For Visitors>
1.The staff will measure your temperature with a contactless thermometer at the reception.
Visitors with cold symptoms such as having a fever over 37.5°C or coughing are not allowed to enter the museum.
2. In addition, please refrain from visiting the museum if visitors correspond to the followings below.
・Visitors who are subject to a 14-day wait request announced by the Japanese government
・Visitors who have received medical examinations or medications with fever or cold symptoms within the past 14 days

3. Please write down your name, phone number (e-mail address・home address) at the reception.
4. Please sanitize your hands at the reception and also wash and sanitize your hands often in the museum. Please notice if you are allergic to alcohol. We have Hypochlorous acid water.
5. Please bring and wear face masks. We will distribute to visitors who do not have one.
6. Depending on the congestion situation, we may adjust visitors the entering time.
7. Please keep distance with other visitors and look at the displays by giving ways to each other.
8. Please refrain from talking with loud voices to prevent droplet infection.
9. We may ask visitors to leave the museum if those who are coughing constantly, sneezing or having cold symptoms.
10. A group or a guided tour will be under 10 people. We may adjust entering and guiding visitors in order to avoid making overcrowded places.

<Our Efforts>
1.About Staffs
・Staffs are mandatory to measure their temperature and stop working if they have a fever or in bad health condition.
・Staffs will guide with face masks and thoroughly wash hands, gargle and sanitize often.
・We will guide visitors by making distance than usual.

2.About Facilities
・We are maintaining daily cleaning and hygiene measures, especially sterilizing displays that visitors can touch and handrails.
・Acrylic panels are installed at receptions and other places where we face visitors to prevent droplet infection.
・We have hand sanitizers around the displays that visitors can touch. Please sanitize your hands before and after touching the displays.

3.About the Three Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close contact)
 ・The ventilation system in the museum ensures constant air ventilation and prevents close contact.
 ・A signboard is installed around the reception to keep social distance and prevent close space and close contact.
 ・The staff may ask visitors if “closed spaces” are seen when going round of the museum.

<Correspondence when infected>
1.If visitors or staffs are infected by coronavirus, we will work with the public health center appropriately and notice through our website if necessary. We recommend recording the date and time of your visit by yourself just in case.
2.Please note we may provide your name or contact information which is recorded as visitor’s information to the administrative organs like public health centers when we are investigated from them.
3.Visitor’s information which is recorded to prevent the spread of infection of coronavirus will be stored strictly and will not be used for any other purposes above.

We will thoroughly prevent the infection and spread so that all of the visitors can enjoy the museum. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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