We Aim to Continue as a Corporate Group in which Each Individual Holds a High Sense of Ethics

Corporate Governance

Making the securing of sound management, and the achievement of prompt and accurate decision-making and business execution, our basic policy

Yamato Holdings, a pure holding company, and its group companies make the securing of sound management, and the achievement of prompt and accurate decision-making and business execution, the basic policies upon which we work to strengthen corporate governance.

Yamato Holdings has established the Board of Directors, the Management Committee, and the Executive Conference as business management organizations involved in group-wide managerial decision-making, execution, and supervision, creating a structure to carry out prompt and proper decision-making on important matters.

The Board of Directors consists of 8 directors (including 3 outside directors) who serve one-year terms, during which the directors clarify the responsibilities of management for the fiscal year. The Audit & Supervisory Board consists of 2 full-time Audit & Supervisory Board members and 2 outside Audit & Supervisory Board members, who audit the performance of directors’ duties through actions including attendance at Board of Directors meetings and other important meetings. In addition, the auditors periodically hold Group Auditors’ Liaison Meetings to discuss auditing policy and methods with full-time Audit & Supervisory Board members from major group companies, with the aim of enhancing auditing functions across the Group. All outside directors and outside Audit & Supervisory Board members are independent officers pursuant to Tokyo Stock Exchange Regulations, and their names are registered at the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Corporate governance promotion framework

Corporate governance promotion framework


Strengthening internal control for the Group overall

The Yamato Group has established an internal control system in order to promote sound corporate culture in the group a whole, and to enable employees to perform their duties effectively and efficiently without any misbehavior or mistake.

Yamato Holdings has stipulated its basic policy on the internal control system in accordance with the Companies Act, and each group company is working on strengthening internal controls. In addition, in order to respond to the internal control report system pursuant to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, which went into effect in April 2008, we created a post of internal control manager in major group companies, and have made efforts to review business rules and standardize operations. We have also constructed a framework by which the section in charge of audits in Yamato Holdings and the sections in charge of internal control in major group companies check whether work is being conducted effectively in accordance with rules, and seek immediate remediation of any deviations. Internal control involving financial reporting by the Yamato Group was found to be valid as of March 31, 2017, with a report submitted to the Kanto Local Finance Bureau.

Setting the establishment of compliance management as our highest-priority issue for CSR promotion

To construct a framework to prevent corporate misconduct in accordance with the laws and regulations and corporate ethics, the Yamato Group is making efforts to ensure compliance management as a top-priority issue for CSR promotion.

We have formulated the Group Corporate philosophy that summarizes the Yamato Group’s corporate responsibility for and stance toward society, and have announced our Declaration of Compliance under which we declare our observance of the laws and regulations, corporate ethics, etc. In all business offices of each group company, a poster of our Declaration of Compliance has been put up to give a clear explanation in case of violations using illustrations. It helps to raise employees’ awareness and call their attention to compliance.

Officers and employees of the Yamato Group are required to act in good faith in accordance with the above-mentioned corporate philosophy. The departments responsible for compliance risk management of group companies, centering on the Compliance and Risk Committee of Yamato Holdings are working to ensure their observance.

Compliance and risk management framework

Compliance and risk management framework

We have also set up a Corporate Fraud Reporting Desk, Compliance Hotline and a Suggestion Box as points of contact in our whistle-blowing system, which enable us to directly obtain information on risks in the company by means of notification and consultation by phone or e-mail. They contribute to prevention of compliance violations.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Leveraging our experience from past earthquakes to effect improvements that will enable appropriate response to major earthquakes

The Yamato Group offers the TA-Q-BIN service as social infrastructure, and is expected to keep offering the steady service even under unforeseeable circumstances. In the wake of the emergence of novel influenza strain (H1N1) in May 2009, we formulated a business continuity plan (BCP).

Based on this BCP, formulated according to response guidelines focusing on maximum priority on human life and on quick restoration of our businesses, we addressed the problems caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake (2011) and the Kumamoto Earthquake (2016). Using what we learned from these responses, we made an additional manual that will enable us to assist the reconstruction of disaster-affected areas in an organized manner, including cooperation for transporting public relief supplies in disaster-affected areas. We continually review response and preparations for an earthquake occurring directly beneath the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and an earthquake along the Nankai Trough, which are likely to occur in the future and are expected to cause large-scale damage, so as to heighten the effectiveness of our response.

Helped to Relocate Important Cultural Properties following the Kumamoto Earthquake

On the night of April 14, 2016 when the initial shaking of the Kumamoto Earthquake began, employees at the Kyoto Artwork Branch of Yamato Logistics were hard at work preparing for the Maruyama Okyo exhibit that was to take place the next day at the Yatsushiro Municipal Museum. The exhibit was canceled due to the earthquake, and with aftershocks continuing, Yamato Logistics worked with museum curators to relocate all of these important pieces of artwork to protect them from possible damage. The exhibit was finally held one year later in April 2017.

The Yamato Group will continue to ensure it can quickly carry out the necessary response to disasters or other emergencies.

Customer voice

The understanding and cooperation of everyone at Yamato Logistics was integral to the successful relocation our works of art following the Kumamoto Earthquake. We were able to save these important cultural properties thanks to everyone’s passion and commitment as well as their careful handling and attention.

Ryoji Torizu

Chief Curator
Yatsushiro Municipal Museum

Exhibit setup work (April 2017)Exhibit setup work (April 2017)

Information Security

Putting forth our Information Security Assurance Declaration and promoting the acquisition of certifications

The Yamato Group handles important personal information of many customers. We had always maintained strict control over such information, and in March 2003, we announced our "Declaration on Ensuring Information Security" in view of the social situation including frequent leakage of personal information from a company. Since then, we have reinforced information security with an emphasis on "protection of personal information," "confidentiality of corporate information," and "prohibition of falsification and concealment."

In 2016, we implemented our first campaign to raise awareness about information security across the entire Yamato Group, including overseas subsidiaries. As part of this, each of our group companies carried out their own unique measures for raising awareness based on their own situation.

For the purpose of ensuring proper and safe handling of personal information, we will strive to familiarize employees with the information security rules, and to increase their educational opportunities. By doing so, we believe we will be able to improve customer trust in our group.

In addition, for each of our group company workplaces we are actively working to acquire various certifications regarding information security.

Security-related certifications acquired by group companies (as of August 2017)

Certification Company name Year of acquisition
(Privacymark System)
Yamato System Development Co., Ltd. 1999
Yamato Financial Co., Ltd. 2006
Yamato Contact Service Co., Ltd.  
Head Office 2007
Tokyo Call Center 2015
Saitama Call Center 2007
Miyakonojo Intelligent Contact Center 2010
Wakayama Call Center 2012
Tottori Intelligent Contact Center 2013
Tome Contact Center 2013
Kanto Mother Center 2014
Kansai Mother Center 2015
Yamato Web Solutions Co., Ltd. 2007
Yamato Logistics Co., Ltd. 2010
Yamato Multi-maintenance Solutions Co., Ltd. 2006
Yamato Management Service Co., Ltd. 2011
Yamato Credit & Finance Co., Ltd. 2016
ISO27001 Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.  
Headquarters 2015
Haneda Chronogate 2017
Atsugi District Branch 2017
Yamato System Development Co., Ltd.  
Shin-Tokyo IDC 2004
Osaka IDC 2002
Contactless credit card data processing services for large-scale affiliate stores 2009
Credit card terminal installation application form acceptance center operation 2012
CAT joint usage system 2013
Sorting and sending of account transfer request documents 2013
Member contact service 2014
Joint usage-type online statement notification service 2014
Proxy service for emergency invalidation procurement 2014
Operations related to (new) registration of terminal installation application forms, account transfer systems (development), credit card terminal installation application form acceptance center operation (development), online application acceptance service, settlement NW, settlement information DB 2015
Yamato Packing Service Co., Ltd.  
Head office (human resources, general affairs, planning, information) 2005
Documents Logistics Company (Sales Department, Sales Department Administration Division, Planning Department, Tokyo Plant, Saitama Plant, Haneda Plant) 2005
Yamato Contact Service Co., Ltd.  
Head Office 2006
Tokyo Call Center 2015
Saitama Call Center 2007
Miyakonojo Intelligent Contact Center 2010
Wakayama Call Center 2012
Tottori Intelligent Contact Center 2013
Tome Call Center 2013
Kanto Mother Center 2014
Kansai Mother Center 2015
Yamato Packing Technology Institute Co., Ltd.  
Headquarters 2009
Packaging Testing Center 2009
Yamato Logistics Co., Ltd.  
Confidential Document Secure Solutions Division 2016
ISO20000 Yamato System Development Co., Ltd. 2006
PCIDSS Yamato System Development Co., Ltd.  
Credit card settlement service 2006
Web billing service 2011
Registration of Information Security Auditing Firms Yamato System Development Co., Ltd. 2004
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