Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. President Yutaka Nagao

The Yamato Group has been innovating to respond to the needs of the times since 1919 when it began operations with just four trucks. These innovations include the development of Japan's first regular-route delivery service and the TA-Q-BIN courier services.

In April 2021, we launched the One Yamato Structure, bringing together the diverse management resources previously divided among group companies into Yamato Transport to respond to the needs of customers, communities, and society head-on. By accelerating management speeds and further refining our management resources with the One Yamato Structure, we aim to become the best partner for the lives and businesses of our customers.

Recently, our lifestyles and business environments have changed dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic and changes on the international scene, and all industries are rapidly transitioning to EC. We are expecting these changes to accelerate further.

Under such circumstances, our goal is to always accurately understand the needs of customers who receive our services, create new value, and to be a company that provides total and sustainable support for the transformation of the supply chain of our selling customers.

To realize this goal, we clarified our vision in “YAMATO NEXT 100,” the medium- to long-term grand design for management announced in January 2020, and in our current medium-term management plan “One Yamato 2023,” we identified nine priority initiatives, including “Optimally allocate management resources based on data analysis”; “Strengthen the Group infrastructure”; “Evolve into a business partner that provides total support for the supply chain”; “Create an optimal solution for the EC ecosystem”; and “Strengthen sustainable management.”

Through these measures, we will provide value end to end across the entire supply chain, from local customers to customers conducting business globally. We will also improve productivity by creating time for employees to spend with customers. Moreover, we will achieve goals for key issues in environmental and social areas and achieve sustainable development of society and our business, thereby working to enhance our corporate value in a sustainable manner.

As stated in our Management Philosophy, our duty is to “contribute to the realization of a prosperous society.” Without losing sight of the aspirations of our predecessors, we at the Yamato Group will strive as one towards becoming a company that sincerely listens to the voices of our diverse stakeholders, constantly creates new ways to deliver, and continues to create new value for individual customers, corporate customers, and society at large.

April 2022
Yutaka Nagao
Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.