Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. President Yutaka Nagao

The Yamato Group has been innovating to respond to the needs of the times since 1919 when it began operations with just four trucks. These innovations include the development of Japan's first regular-route delivery service and the TA-Q-BIN courier services.

On April 1, 2021, the 102nd anniversary since our founding, the new Yamato Group, which is centered on the New Yamato Transport, will take its first step forward under the One Yamato Structure that brings together the diverse management resources of the Group companies. Under the One Yamato Structure, we will respond to the needs of our customers and society head-on, accelerate management speeds, and further refine our management resources with an aim to create new innovations to become the best partner for the lives and businesses of our customers.

Recently, our lifestyles and business environments have changed dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and all industries are rapidly transitioning to EC. These changes are unlikely to reverse course after COVID-19, and we are even expecting them to accelerate further. Under such circumstances, our goal is to accurately understand the needs of our receiving customers at all times, create new value in advance, and provide total and sustainable support to the transforming supply chain of our selling customers.

To realize this goal, we clarified our vision in "YAMATO NEXT 100," the medium-term grand design for management announced in 2020, and in our medium-term management plan "One Yamato 2023" announced in January 2021, we identified nine priority initiatives, including "Optimally allocate management resources based on data analysis"; "Strengthen the Group infrastructure"; "Evolve into a business partner that provides total support for the supply chain"; "Create an optimal solution for the EC ecosystem"; and "Strengthen sustainable management." Through these measures, we aim to sustainably improve our corporate value by providing value to the whole supply chain, improving productivity through increasing the time spent with customers, achieving specific goals for key issues in environmental and social areas and enhancing the sustainability of our society and business.

As stated in our Management Philosophy, our duty is to "contribute to the realization of a prosperous society." Without losing sight of the aspirations of our predecessors, we at the Yamato Group will strive as one towards becoming a company that sincerely listens to the voices of our diverse stakeholders, constantly creates new ways to deliver, and continues to create new value for individual customers, corporate customers, and society at large.

April 2021
Yutaka Nagao
Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.