Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. President Yutaka Nagao

The Yamato Group has been innovating to respond to the needs of customers in changing times since 1919 when it commenced operations. These innovations include the development of Japan's first regular-route delivery service and the TA-Q-BIN courier services. More than 100 years have elapsed since our foundation, and we are currently carrying out structural reform as “One Yamato” to respond to the needs of individual and corporate customers and society head-on and continue to meet such needs.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the world has been undergoing rapid change. Furthermore, in this era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) as seen with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, global depreciation of the yen, increase in the prices of energy and other raw materials, and tension regarding U.S.-China relations, a resilient management structure to respond to rapid changes without holding on to existing concepts is required for companies.

We are currently proceeding with drastic structural reform under our medium-term management plan “One Yamato 2023” based on “YAMATO NEXT100,” the grand design for our medium- to long-term management announced in January 2020. In the current fiscal year, by eyeing the next medium-term management plan, we will further promote the structural reform of network operations implemented until now as well as further enhance the provision of value to corporate customers through account management, etc. For regional customers, we will provide various forms of value including that beyond TA-Q-BIN courier services with regional branches playing a central role.

In addition, we will also proactively promote sustainability initiatives to achieve the various targets set in “Sustainable Medium-Term Plans 2023.” We aim to establish a better environment for the planet, society, employees, and partners and realize sustainable development of society and businesses by promoting initiatives in not only the environmental field but also the social field.

There are still many issues that need to be solved in the logistics industry, such as the “Year 2024 Problem” and receipt of appropriate fares. As a major logistics company, we believe that taking the initiative to solve these issues is an important duty. We aim to build sustainable logistics and contribute to the “realization of a prosperous society,” as stated in our management philosophy, together with our partners.

Without losing sight of the aspirations of our predecessors, we at the Yamato Group will strive as one towards becoming a company that sincerely listens to the voices of our diverse stakeholders and continues to create new value for individual customers, corporate customers, and society at large through logistics.

April 2023
Yutaka Nagao
Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.