Yamato Group Sustainability


The Yamato Group aims to be the company that is most loved and trusted by society, providing highly public services and growing together with society. To that end, we established the Yamato Group Corporate Philosophy-consisting of the Management Philosophy, Corporate Stance and Employee Code of Conduct-all originating from the Core Values established in 1931.

The Yamato Group's vision is to realize this Management Philosophy, through its stance as a company and the conduct of individual employees as outlined in the Group Corporate Philosophy, and continue to achieve sustainable growth for society and as a company.

Sustainability Promotion Structure

Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. has established a dedicated department to promote and supervise sustainability for the entire Group. Sustainability personnel are also assigned to each Group company, to promote sustainability throughout the Group.

The Yamato Group Environment Committee and Yamato Group Social Promotion Committee-which are chaired by the President, with membership consisting of the general managers of each business division and functional division of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., and the presidents of the major Group companies-meet once a year to share information and deliberate on sustainability-related issues. Important agenda items are discussed and resolved by the Management Committee and the Board of Directors as appropriate.

Sustainability Promotion Structure

Toward Sustainable Management

Identifying Materialities

We used the following process to identify materialities that are important and a priority in order to increase the Yamato Group's corporate value in the medium to long-term and create a sustainable society.

STEP 1: Narrowing Down Candidate Materialities

Based on international frameworks such as the GRI Guidelines, SASB standards, ISO26000 and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and ESG survey items that investors consider to be highly important to the Group's business, we considered risks and opportunities in our business using actual data, and narrowed down candidate materialities that contribute to building a sustainable society and enhancing the Group's corporate value.

STEP 2: Stakeholder Dialogues (held in November 2019)

We received opinions from stakeholders with regard to the candidate materialities narrowed down in STEP 1, and held stakeholder dialogues to confirm their validity.


On January 23, 2020, we announced the YAMATO NEXT100 sustainable management reform plan; a grand design for the Yamato Group's medium to long-term management in the future.

The plan outlines three business structure transformations and three infrastructure transformations.

We will focus on creating a sustainable society by establishing Sustainability Initiatives: Management Incorporating the Environment and Society as one of our infrastructure transformations.
Under this plan, we have identified two visions-for the environment and society-as visions to open up a sustainable future, and identified materialities.

Environmental Vision

Connect. Deliver the future via green logistics.

Yamato Group will further strive to connect and deliver the future through green logistics. By leveraging cutting-edge connections between data, people, and resources, we will increase the efficiency of transportation and provide delivery that is better for the planet, our lifestyles, and the economy. We will support a strong, smart society by striving toward carbon neutrality and by creating business models based on sustainable resource use and consumption.

*Scope 1 & 2 emissions (Yamato Group operations)

Social Vision

Through co-creation and fair business activities, help create a society that "leaves no one behind*"

As a social infrastructure company, Yamato Group will contribute to improving the quality of life (QOL) of various people, including employees and customers, by reducing and eliminating various inequalities and obstacles in society. We will do this by delivering goods and value to everyone in society through fair and efficient business processes.

By promoting digital innovation and our strengths offline, as well as co-creation with various partners, we will be a leader in solving social challenges and creating a society that leaves no one behind.

* To leave no one behind: Basic philosophy of the SDGs

Formulation of Sustainable Medium-Term Plans 2023

On January 29, 2021, the Yamato Group established the Sustainable Medium-Term Plans 2023 to enhance its sustainable management.

SDGs Initiatives

Yamato Group supports international efforts to create a sustainable society, such as signing the UN Global Compact in April 2014.

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the United Nations in September 2015 are common goals for the international community toward 2030. The Yamato Group, will work to solve the pressing global social issues presented in the SDGs through its business activities.


* We indicate related SDGs in the "Environmental Initiatives" and "Social Initiatives"