When was the company established?

The company was established on November 29, 1919.

What are the various stock related procedures?

If you hold a trading account -> Contact your stockbroker.
If you hold a special account -> Contact Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd., our shareholder register manager.
Mizuho Trust & Banking service desk: 0120-288-324

What is the schedule for the announcement of financial results?

Term-end financial results are announced in early May. The announcement schedule for quarterly financial results is posted on the IR calendar once decided. Refer to the IR Calendar.

How much are the dividends? When do we receive them?

The dividends are 46 yen for 2023. For details, refer to Shareholder Return Policy.
Final dividends are paid at the beginning of June, and interim dividends are paid at the beginning of December. For details, refer to the IR Calendar.

What is a special account?

An account established by our company at Mizuho Trust & Banking in order to record a shareholder's balance that is not deposited with the Japan Securities Depository Center at the time the new electronic share certificate system is implemented . Shares cannot be sold using the special account. At the time of sale, you need to open a trading account in your name and transfer the share balance to that account. For details, contact your stockbroker or Mizuho Trust & Banking.

What is the procedure for requesting sale or purchase of shares in quantities less than the number per unit?

Make such requests through your stockbroker (Mizuho Trust & Banking when the balance is recorded in a special account). For procedure details, contact the stockbroker or Mizuho Trust & Banking.