Yamato Group Social Media Policy

First Version established on October 3, 2019

We, the Yamato Group ("the Company"), have established and will comply with the Yamato Group Social Media Policy ("the Policy") regarding the management of official social media accounts.

The Purpose for Use of Social Media

Use of social media based on the corporate philosophy

This Policy was established by the Company to create smooth communications with the user while also demonstrating the attitude and behaviors that should be observed to realize satisfactory communication with the user when managing an official social media account ("the Company's Account").

The Company offers information related to the Company's corporate stances and services via the Company's Account, aiming to achieve the following three goals through communicating with the user.

  1. 1For more users to learn about the Company's initiatives and services
  2. 2For more users to learn about the thought behind the Company's initiatives and services
  3. 3To take in users' opinions and impressions about the Company and to use these to improve our operations and service

When Participating in Social Media

Offering Information and Listening

When offering information via the Company's Account, the Company's directors and employees ("Employees, etc.", including non-regular employees, contract employees, directors, and regular employees) will sufficiently recognize that an unspecified large number of users will access the information, that information that has been offered once cannot be completely deleted, and that offering information via the Company's Account has a considerable influence, and the Company's Account will be managed while being aware of the following.

  1. 1To discipline yourself not to engage in speech or behavior that deviates from social common sense
  2. 2To be responsible for your responses or the information you offer, taking caution to ensure that misunderstandings or discomfort are not felt by the user
  3. 3To not forget an attitude of constant listening, heeding user remarks
  4. 4To have respect for the intellectual property, privacy rights, etc. of a third party and consideration so as not to damage a third party's reputation

When managing the Company's Account, the Company will observe all applicable laws, social norms, internal regulations, and policies (including the Privacy Protection Policy).

Notification to Users

1. Not Official Announcements

As a characteristic of social media, the Company does not guarantee that the information on the Company's Account is to be accurate or complete. For the Company's official announcements and opinions, please check the Company's homepage and news releases. Also, the information on the Company's Account is valid at the time it is offered, so be aware that the information may later be altered.

2. Alteration of Information and Suspension of Account

The Company may alter or delete information released on the Company's Account if the information is incorrect or if poor expression of words causes the user to misunderstand the information. The Company's Account may also be discontinued or suspended due to unavoidable reasons
The Company understands that, in general, information that has been offered once on each social media platform cannot be completely deleted, and participates in dialogue with temperance as a sensible company.

3. Regarding the Acquisition of Customer Remarks

For users who follow the Company's official Account, or leave comments, etc., it is considered that consent was given for access to information publicly released on the corresponding social media platform by the user.

Also, the Company may use the received comments and opinions in future activity, marketing, or as other analysis data.

See Shared Usage of Personal Information within the Yamato Group

4. Comments, Replies, and DMs (Direct Messages)

As a general rule, the Company does not reply to inquiries from comments, replies, or DMs (direct messages) from users on the Company's Account.
The Company will not store the personal data of users of the Company's website for any purpose other than what is necessary for data collection.

5. Following and Blocking

The Company will not follow all users that follow the Company's Account.
Also, the Company may block user accounts when a user posts multiple comments thought to be malicious. Notification will not be sent to the corresponding user in this case.


1. Responsibility for Damages

The Company is not liable even if damages occur to the user or a third party through information obtained or not obtained via the Company's Account.

2. Questions Regarding Social Media

The Company's Account is managed through the systems of the operating companies of each social media platform. The Company does not answer any questions regarding system operation state of the operating companies of each social media platform, software, app functions, how to use, or other technical questions. The Company does not guarantee the functionality or safety of the Company's Account.

3. Regarding Trouble Among Users

The Company is not liable for any disputes, or damages, loss, expenses, or responsibilities resulting from disputes, between users or between a user and a third party in relation to the Company's Account, and considers the resolution of any corresponding dispute(s) to be the responsibility of the user.

Prohibited Items

1. Prohibition of Actions that Defy Public Policy

The following actions are prohibited for the Company's Account. Comments that are deemed prohibited actions may be deleted without notice.

  1. 1Actions that disturb the management of the Company's Account and other actions that have a risk of hindering the Company's Account
  2. 2Actions that cause loss, damages, or inconveniences to other users, third parties, or the Company and actions that have a risk of causing loss, damages, or inconveniences
  3. 3Actions that infringe upon the trademark rights, copyrights, other intellectual property rights, privacy, and any other rights of other users, third parties, or the Company and actions that have a risk of infringing upon these rights
  4. 4Actions prohibited by the operating company of each social media platform
  5. 5Actions that infringe upon a third party's privacy, including posting personal information without consent of the person involved
  6. 6Actions that harm or slander the reputation or trust of a specific person or group
  7. 7Actions that defy laws or public policy and actions that have a risk of defying laws or public policy
  8. 8The posting of harmful, obscene, or violent expressions and other actions that may cause discomfort to other users
  9. 9Actions linked to crime or actions that have a risk of being linked to crime
  10. 10Actions that are or are similar to political activities, campaign activities, or religious activities
  11. 11Activities that are or are related to advertising, publicity, invitations, or business activities
  12. 12Actions when pretending to be the Company or a third party
  13. 13Other actions that the Company determines to be inappropriate

2. Intellectual Property Rights

We ask that you use the Company's Account while observing the following regulations on the intellectual property rights of the Company's Account.

  1. 1Copyrights for information displayed on the Company's Account, and all other intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, design rights, patents, utility model rights, trademark rights, and knowledge) belong to the Company or the inventor, author, or other appropriate person entitled to those rights.
  2. 2Consent is considered given to the Company for the right to use (including by not limited to processing, selection, duplication, publication, and translation of) the corresponding content nonexclusively, free of charge, and globally for content posted to the Company's Account by a user, and the Company will not exercise copyrights, author's personal rights, or other intellectual property rights for the corresponding content.
  3. 3The user may not use any information offered via the Company's Account that goes beyond the explicitly defined legal scope without appropriate consent from the person holding the rights to that information. The user also may not use any information offered via the Company's Account for commercial purposes.


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