Commitment from Senior Management

Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. Representative Director, Executive Officer and President Yutaka Nagao

Under its Management Philosophy of contributing to the realization of a prosperous society, the Yamato Group has worked constantly to tackle the needs and expectations of customers and society since the time of its founding. Until now, we have continued to grow by providing valuable new services that meet contemporary needs to match changing times. The foundation of our growth has always been the sound development of society and trusting relationships with our stakeholders.

Today, the society around us has numerous issues that include climate change, labor, human rights and inequality, and they are intricately intertwined. COVID-19 also continues to run rage globally, and is having a major impact not only on people's health but also on the economy.
There is also a growing need to face up to and tackle rapidly changing social issues head-on.

The Yamato Group operates together with a variety of stakeholders, including customers, partner companies, suppliers, employees (approx. 220,000) and local communities, so addressing social issues is a natural responsibility.
We also have a broad customer base with business locations and vehicles covering the whole of Japan. We therefore use a lot of energy and other resources, and generate greenhouse gas emissions and waste in our business operations. We recognize that these are serious risks that relate to impact on the global environment, negative impact on customer business operations, and business continuity.

In January 2020, the Yamato Group laid out "Sustainability initiatives: Management embodying the environment and society" under its YAMATO NEXT100 grand design for medium to long-term management. With regard to the environment, we outlined the long-term vision of "Connect. Deliver the future via green logistics." and identified four materialities: Energy & Climate, Atmosphere, Resource Conservation & Waste, and Resilience of Companies & Society. With regard to society, we outlined the long-term vision of helping to create a society that "leaves no one behind" through co-creation and fair business activities, and identified six materialities: Labor, Human Rights & Diversity, Safety & Security, Data Utilization & Security, Supply Chain Management, and Local Community.

In January 2021, we announced the Sustainable Medium-Term Plans 2023 and set targets and plans for each environmental and social materiality in order to actualize the long-term environmental and social visions outlined in YAMATO NEXT100 and achieve effectively zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

As a sustainability promotion system led by our senior management team, including myself, we have established the Environment Committee and the Social Promotion Committee to advance measures in response to the goals and plans set forth in the Medium-Term Plans.

The Yamato Group has also established the Yamato Group Environmental Policy, which declares that it will conduct business activities that contribute to environmental protection. Based on this policy, we will also practice environmental management as a sustainable social infrastructure company.

The Yamato Group's sustainable management reforms have only just begun.
As of April 2021, we took a new step forward with the ONE Yamato structure. We will continue to increase the speed of our management activities and lead the Yamato Group and the logistics industry so that everyone can feel and appreciate this evolution as soon as possible.
I will continue to take responsibility for the sustainable growth of the Yamato Group and society, believing in the power of our employees and feeling the encouragement of our supporters as we work sincerely toward the actualization of our long-term vision.

October 2021
Representative Director,
Executive Officer and President
Yutaka Nagao