Commitment from Senior Management

Pursuing a Sustainable Society that We Hand Over to Our Future Generation Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. Representative Director, Executive Officer and President Yutaka Nagao

Creating a sustainable society is a great challenge for us the Yamato Group.
Even during challenging times, such as when we are facing the COVID-19 pandemic or steep price increases due to the disruption of global supply chains, we need to address climate change and human rights issues head on. As a company promoting sustainable management, we believe that we have a mission to be involved in behavioral reform of many partners and customers and take the lead in the creation of sustainable transportation and a sustainable business model. One of the way of transforming our basic management structure set out in YAMATO NEXT100 Grand Design management structure transformation plan announced in January 2020, is “Sustainability Initiatives: Management Incorporating the Environment and Society.” We are implementing a number of initiatives under the Sustainable Medium-Term Plans 2023 (environment, society) announced in January 2021.

We made steady progress towards achieving targets in targets related to material issues in FY2021, the first year of the Medium-Term Plans.
On the environmental front, we fully operated the environmental management system that the management is responsible for operating under the the supervision of the Directors and achieved ISO14001*1 certification. We also took steps to mitigate climate change. Examples include that the percentage of the electricity we used that was derived from renewable energy sources increased to approx. 10%.
On the social front, we actively discussed social issues and implemented initiatives for respecting the human rights of employees, including foreign nationals. We also took steps to create a supply chain management system.
We formulated new important policies to promote sustainable management, such as the Yamato Group Environmental Policy, the Yamato Group Human Rights Policy, and the Yamato Group Responsible Procurement Policy. These policies emphasize international principles and social needs and reflect the will of stakeholders, including experts, employees, and the management. We believe these policies will guide the Yamato Group.

We will further promote sustainable management in FY2022. In May 2022, we announced an intermediate goal of reducing GHG emissions by 48% from the FY2020 level in 20302 to achieve effectively zero GHG emissions in 2050.*2 We will accelerate our use of electricity derived from renewable energy sources and our introduction of electric vehicles in the run up to 2030. We will create low-carbon transportation to contribute to reducing GHG emissions in the areas we transport cargo for customers.

Issues related to safety, respect for human rights, climate change, and resource recycling are urgent issues and not future challenges, and we can make changes through our day-to-day activities. The awareness and behaviors of the 220,000 employees of the Yamato Group can help maintain the safety of transportation throughout the supply chain and reduce environmental impact.
Responding to the social environment with rapid changes, we will pursue, with our diverse customers and partner, the sustainable management that we can pass on to our future generations.

*1 Headquarters of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., Kita-Tokyo Regional Branch, Minami-Tokyo Regional Operation Administration
*2 Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

November 2022
Representative Director,
Executive Officer and President
Yutaka Nagao