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Shared Usage of Personal Information within the Yamato Group

The initial version instituted on May 1, 2008

Last revision: May 30, 2017

Within the Yamato Group (the "Group"), the management resources of each component company are combined organically in order to provide attractive services to our customers, and to establish collaborative relationships among our employees etc., thereby improving the corporate value of the entire Group.

Accordingly, the Company intends to share Personal Data of Individuals, excluding shareholders, within the Group only to the extent necessary within the scope as specified below, except for the shareholder's personal data. We appreciate your understanding about the shared use as we shall strive for stricter control and supervision in terms of shared use of Personal Information within the Group.

The Company may review and modify the shared use of Personal Information within the Group from time to time as needed. Any modification thereof will be notified to you or publicly announced.

  • 1. 
    Items of Shared Use
    Name, address, telephone number, E-mail address, date of birth, and sex.
  • 2. 
  • 3. 
    Purpose of Use
    • (1) 
      To conduct market research and data analysis for studying and developing new products/services;
    • (2) 
      To introduce products/services via direct mails, etc.;
    • (3) 
      To communicate/ transfer customer orders, inquiries, or other communications about our Group companies' products/services to the appropriate company for such products/services;
    • (4) 
      To properly and smoothly perform other customer business;
    • (5) 
      To facilitate smooth communication between staff members; or
    • (6) 
      To conduct various procedures regarding human resource and labor management
  • 4. 
    Manager in Charge of Shared Use
    Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.

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