Material Balance

The Yamato Group works to reduce its environmental impact by identifying the amount of energy and resources, etc. (inputs) that have been put in and emissions of greenhouse gases and waste, etc. (outputs) generated by business activities.

Material Balance for FY 2022 (Overall Environmental Impact)

Material Balance
  • *VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Period: April 2022 through March 2023
  • Boundary: Consolidated Group companies in Japan, and Swan Co., Ltd.
  • "Hazardous waste" refers to "Specially Controlled Waste" as defined under Japan's Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act. "Non-hazardous waste" refers to other waste (i.e. industrial waste, general waste and valuable materials other than waste included under the definition of Specially Controlled Waste). Totals and breakdown figures may not match due to rounding.