Priority Theme: Local Communities

Kuroneko Family Concert, the Music TA-Q-BIN

Since 1986, we have held the Music TA-Q-BIN Kuroneko Family Concert, a concert that delivers good and authentic music to customers and people in local communities, cultivating children's aesthetic sensibilities through music. (A total of 351 concerts had been held as of the end of fiscal 2022.)
In fiscal 2023, in addition to holding events in five cities (Souma, Fukushima prefecture; Honjo, Saitama prefecture; Fukui, Fukui prefecture; Takamatsu, Kagawa prefecture; and Fukuoka, Fukuoka prefecture) that spectators could attend, we broadcast public live streams and archived streams in Fukuoka for family members to enjoy. Both spectators and those watching online participated in and enjoyed the event, which had a theme of “music to dance to.”
Local employees also participated in operations at each event. These included welcoming guests on the day and collecting money for charities related to children orphaned by traffic accidents.
For details, please refer to the following special website.

Kuroneko Family Concert

Support for Work and Social Experience Facilities for Children

As a member of communities, Yamato Transport set up a home delivery center pavilion where children can participate in a simulated experience of working as a sales driver (collecting and delivering TA-Q-BIN packages) as an official sponsor of KidZania Tokyo (from 2006), KidZania Koshien (from 2009) and KidZania Fukuoka, which opened on 2022, to create opportunities for the children who are responsible for the future to understand the structure of society and the purpose of work. We installed a PUDO Station at KidZania Fukuoka. PUDO Stations are lockers used by all home delivery service operators installed at facilities that are used every day, such as train stations and supermarkets, to meet the diverse needs of customers connected with the increasing use of e-commerce in recent years, and children can participate in simulated experience activities using the PUDO Station enabling the non-face-to-face, no-contact collection and delivery of parcels.

Sponsoring the National Remote Island Exchange Junior High School Baseball Tournament

Yamato Transport cosponsored the 14th Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Cup National Remote Island Exchange Junior High School Baseball Tournament, commonly known as the Remote Island Koshien, (held August 21–25 2023). The baseball tournament was held on Amami Oshima Island (Kagoshima) with 25 teams from all over Japan participating.
The tournament began in 2008, with the aim of creating exchange opportunities for baseball players living on remote islands, where it is difficult to play against outside teams. Yamato Transport is empathetic to the tournament's aims—of creating opportunities for exchanges between children who will lead the future of remote islands, teaching the importance of hopes, dreams, and courage, and fostering a mindset of taking pride in remote island heritage—and has been sponsoring the tournament since its initial year.
Players in the tournament were presented with a wristband of an original design and banners bearing messages of support from local people on each remote island. Yamato Transport also utilized its nationwide network to support the delivery of luggage for players participating in the tournament.

Sponsoring the National Remote Island Exchange Junior High School Baseball Tournament
support the delivery of luggage

Visitors’ Facilities

Visitor Courses at Haneda Chronogate and Kansai Gateway

The Haneda Chronogate and Kansai Gateway visitor courses introduce the Yamato Group’s systems, including TA-Q-BIN, and the future we are aiming for.

Yamato Group Kuronekoyamato History Museum

The Yamato Group Kuronekoyamato History Museum was established on November 29, 2019, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Yamato Group. The facility utilizes a spiral-shaped slope within the building to display the Yamato Group’s 100-year history for visitors to see as they descend. Furthermore, it is a facility that both adults and children can enjoy, with a TA-Q-BIN Hands-on Corner and a Future Creation Lounge & Library.

Delivering Shoes to Children in Africa

[Taiwan Yamato International Logistics]
More than a million children in Africa do not have shoes, which can cause them to suffer from a skin disease called tungiasis (sand flea infestation), which can lead to gangrene of both feet. Taiwan Yamato is working to deliver discarded shoes that are no longer needed to Africa through public interest groups, based on the wishes of employees to fulfill their social responsibilities even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Obtaining shoes in this way can prevent children from contracting tungiasis and other such skin diseases. When transporting shoes, employees were also able to observe public interest groups and learn about the current situation of children in Africa.

Delivering Shoes to Children in Africa
Taiwan Yamato received a letter of gratitude from a public interest group
Delivering Shoes to Children in Africa

Delivering Picture Books to Children in Asia

The Campaign to Deliver Picture Books
The Campaign to Deliver Picture Books

[Yamato System Development]
Since 2013, Yamato System Development has been participating continuously in support of the Campaign to Deliver Picture Books organized by the Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA).
Employees and their families cooperate to attach stickers printed in local languages to the Japanese portions of picture books published in Japan and send the picture books to countries in Asia, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Afghanistan.