Future Generations

The Yamato Group has always been focused on transportation safety. We believe that it is our mission to help children who will lead future generations learn the importance of traffic safety. In addition to our own programs, we also participate actively in other related events.
We are also actively engaged in efforts on themes that we want to convey to children who will create the society of the future, such as environmental education and career education.

Safety Education

Children's Safety Class (Yamato Transport)

One of the Yamato Group's greatest wishes is to prevent traffic accidents involving children. Since 1998, Yamato Transport has been holding children's traffic safety classes at locations throughout Japan, to convey knowledge about traffic rules and traffic safety to local children. Yamato Transport employees -mainly sales drivers- visit local nursery schools, kindergartens and elementary schools to provide fun, easy-to-understand traffic safety guidance using costumes. In particular, observation experiences of collection and delivery trucks enable children to actually sit in the driver's seat, experience the blind spots of sales drivers, and also enjoy tours of the vehicles themselves, which is something that can not be experienced often. These visits have been well received by children, parents and teachers alike.
Approximately 30,000 events have been held to date, and around 3.4 million people have participated.
This initiative has also spread to other group companies in various ways, including those overseas.

Children's Safety Class
Children's Safety Class
 Traffic safety classes for children with hearing impairments
Safety class using sign language

[Head Office / South Tokyo Regional Branch]
Since 2016, the Head Office Service Center and South Tokyo Regional Branch have been conducting traffic safety classes for children with hearing impairments in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. In addition to the usual blind spot experience and training on how to cross the road safely, we also utilize sign language to encourage traffic safety.

Children's Safety Class (other group companies)

[Yamato Unyu (Thailand) / SCG Yamato Express]
In July 2019, Yamato Unyu (Thailand) and SCG Yamato Express held children's traffic safety classes at ten elementary schools in Bangkok, in collaboration with Thai Yazaki Network Service Co., Ltd. and Sanshiro Academy.
The event was held making use of the combined expertise and insights of the four companies, as an initiative to help reduce accidents by raising awareness of traffic safety in Thailand. A total of 860 children participated, learning how to get into and out of vehicles and cross pedestrian crossings safely.

Children's Safety Class in Thailand
Children's traffic safety class at an elementary school in Bangkok

Support for Education

Kuroneko Yamato Environmental Classes

Since October 2005, Yamato Transport has been holding Kuroneko Yamato Environmental Class sessions to support environmental education for children who will lead future generations. For details, please refer to Environmental Communication

Presenting the Satisfaction and Struggle of Work

Sponsoring theme parks that offer work experience

[Yamato Transport]
Yamato Transport sponsors theme parks where children can experience various occupations, and provides child-sized collection and delivery trucks and carts to collect and distribute TA-Q-BIN parcels.
"Delivery Center" pavilions were exhibited at KidZania Tokyo in Tokyo, and at KidZania Koshien in Hyogo prefecture. Through the experience of working in miniature towns recreated inside these facilities, we provide opportunities for children to learn important lessons about the relationship between themselves and society, the workings of the economy, what money is, and what work is.

Work experience

Elementary and junior high school students are invited to engage in work experience

[Yamato Transport]
Yamato Transport accepts social studies tours and work experience (mainly from elementary schools) at its bases and centers in various locations. As a private company training program, we also accept elementary school teachers to help deepen their understanding of the logistics industry.

[Yamato Transport (S) Pte. Ltd.] (Singapore)
Since 2018, Yamato Transport (S) Pte. Ltd. has been offering work experience for junior high school students at Japanese schools in Singapore as part of its contribution to the local community. In FY2020, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were interviewed by students online (since actual work experience could not be conducted).
Students gained an understanding of the history of the Yamato Group, services such as TA-Q-BIN, and the rewarding nature of our work.

Social Contributions Utilizing Expertise from our Core Business

PC computing classes for people with disabilities

PC computing classes for people with disabilities
PC computing class

[Yamato System Development]
Yamato System Development holds monthly PC computing classes aimed at people with disabilities.
In the class, employees volunteer to act as instructors, while students enjoy learning about topics ranging from how to start up a PC to simple document creation and spreadsheets.
Every year since they started in FY2011, these classes have produced students who successfully passed the Japanese Word Processor and Information Processing Proficiency skills tests.