Priority Theme: Environment

Kuroneko Yamato Environmental Classes

Yamato Transport's Kuroneko Yamato Environmental Classes are a form of environmental education for children, the leaders of the next generation, and have been held since 2005.
We renewed the Kuroneko Yamato Environmental Classes from October 2023 to spur children into thinking about what they can do for the environment. We aim to achieve this by teaching them how their small, individual activities lead to further environmentally-friendly actions and protecting the global environment. Based on requests for educational guidance, Yamato Transport employees visit children in the fourth to sixth grade of elementary school. They teach classes that encourage children to think about what environmental activities they can do, by explaining environmental initiatives in a quiz-style format and conducting group work through worksheets.

  • Approx. 3,351 classes held up until FY2019
  • Approx. 254,732 participants up until FY2019

* Between fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2022, classes were not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Section of a worksheet
Section of a worksheet

Biodiversity conservation

The Yamato Group is aware that its business activities affect biodiversity. The Group is working to conserve local biodiversity to coexist in harmony with the natural environment that supports our enriched society.
For details, please refer to Biodiversity conservation

Participation in a Local Event

The Yamato Transport Nagano Regional Branch participated in Karuizawa SDGs Marche (held on August 6 and 7, 2022), an event for learning about the SDGs in a fun way with companies and other organizations that are engaged in efforts to create a sustainable society.The branch displayed exhibition panels to explain the Group's initiatives related to the SDGs and the electric vehicles and flying trucks that are being developed. It also ran a workshop to share the delivery experience. The Nagano Regional Branch deepened its relationship with the local community.

Local Community Cleanup and Beautification Activities

Participation in SPOGOMI  Competition

Employees from the Yamato Transport Kurume Regional Branch Office participated in the SPOGOMI Competition in Kurume.
SPOGOMI is a sport that is easy to participate in and good for the environment. Under the slogan “Trash pickup is a sport!,” teams compete to pick up trash in a designated area within a designated time limit and are awarded points for the amount and type of trash picked up.
38 teams participated (including two from Yamato Transport) and picked up a total of 176.2kg of trash together with members of the local community.