Priority Theme: Safety

Children's Safety Class

【Yamato Transport】
One of the greatest wishes of the Yamato Group is to prevent traffic accidents involving children. Since 1998, Yamato Transport has been holding traffic safety classes for children at locations throughout Japan, to convey knowledge about traffic rules and traffic safety to local children. Yamato Transport employees—mainly sales drivers—visit local nursery schools, kindergartens and elementary schools to provide fun, easy-to-understand traffic safety guidance using company mascots Shironeko and Kuroneko. In particular, experiences involving the observation of collection and delivery trucks enable children to actually sit in the driver's seat, experience the blind spots of sales drivers, and also enjoy tours of the vehicles themselves, all of which are experiences they do not often have the opportunity to try. These visits have been well received by children, parents, and teachers alike.
Approximately 30,000 events have been held to date, and around 3.4 million people have participated.
This initiative has also spread to other group companies in various ways, including those overseas.

Creation of a Traffic Safety Quiz Website

Okinawa Yamato Transport has launched a Traffic Safety Quiz website in collaboration with the professional basketball team Ryukyu Golden Kings operated by Okinawa Basketball Co., Ltd. The website enables children to learn about traffic safety with the team's mascot, Gordy, through quizzes. Children answer ten true-false quizzes and learn about traffic safety in a fun and easy-to-understand way. On the answer pages, the answers to questions about traffic safety are explained. Children can deepen their understanding of traffic safety. They can learn, for example, that running into the road is dangerous and that drivers have blind spots.

Creation of a Traffic Safety Quiz Website

Summer Fund Raising

The Federation of Yamato Group Corporate Labor Unions holds an annual summer campaign every year. In FY2021, the campaign received donations from around 230,000 Yamato Group employees, totaling 93,523,000 yen. Campaign funds are presented to the Yamato Welfare Foundation, which supports the independence and social participation of people with disabilities, and to Ashinaga, which offers physical and mental support for children who have lost their parents due to illness, accidents, disasters or other such causes.
The summer campaign-which began with the aim of supporting the bereaved families of traffic accident victims, given that the federation members are labor unions of companies that work on public roads-is now in its 36th year, and the total amount of campaign funds gathered so far has exceeded 1.7 billion yen.