Human Resources Development

Human Resource Development that Supports Autonomous Career Development of Employees

To enable the continued development of the Yamato Group, we must ensure the growth of each individual employee as they are our greatest asset.
Each Yamato Group company implements human resource development that supports the autonomous career development of employees, based on the Yamato Group Open PDFHuman Resources Development Policy , to ensure they embody the Group Corporate Philosophy and continue to create new value by placing customers at the forefront amid significant changes to the surrounding business environment.

Human Resource Development Initiatives

We support the growth of each individual employee and have positioned the following as measures for human resource development; next generation of management development, education based on position, mid-term training for regular graduate recruits, specialized human resource training, and enhancement of career development and reskilling training.
Additionally, at the same time as enhancing an effective and efficient training environment by expanding our learning platform, such as the introduction of the latest digital technology (AI technology), we are promoting the creation of a structure that enables employees to improve themselves regardless of time or place.

Human Resource Development System

(1) Next generation of management development
We will create a human resource development system that contributes to plans for a successor in terms of the management strategy in succession plans, which are based on the Corporate Governance Code. It will also increase the probability of being able to systematically deploy necessary personnel in the future, leading to the realization of our management strategy  and achievement of our Medium-Term Management Plan, thereby contributing to the improvement of corporate value.

(2) Education based on position
We aim to stimulate the front line and organization by refining the knowledge, skills, and stance required for each position through training after entry to the Company, follow-up training, training before placement as an executive, training for newly-appointed executives, training for existing executives, and other training.

Personnel Systems for Career Improvement / Ability Development Training Systems

(3) Training for regular graduate recruits
We provide growth opportunities for regular graduate recruits over a span of ten years following entry into the Company.
Training is structured around the provision of growth opportunities (annual training), visualization of personnel by implementing assessments, and strategic deployment after ascertaining individual aptitude, with the aim of promoting career autonomy for core personnel and producing future management leaders.

(4) Specialized human resource training
Led by the Yamato Digital Academy (YDA), we have created a training system to develop expertise and provide the knowledge and skills necessary for highly specialized personnel in a stable manner, both quantitatively and qualitatively, leading to the demonstration of results.

(5) Enhancement of career development and reskilling training
By expanding career development support measures under the theme of improving employee market value, we will produce human resources who are oriented toward their own growth and are willing to take on the challenge of autonomous career development.

Titles of Human Resource Development Programs Target FY2022
Number of participants (people) Annual amount of training participated in (hours)
Next Leader Program Candidates for the next generation of executives 26 91.0
Future Leader Program Candidates for promotion to high-level management positions 130 52.8
Leadership Challenge Program
Executive positions: Training before placement as an executive Employees expected to be promoted to management 433 48.0
Regular graduate recruits: Mid-term development measures Regular graduate recruits 999 21.2

Human Resource Development System

We aim to generate a rewarding corporate culture for each employee by creating a system that connects educational measures with growth opportunities and places the design of growth opportunities through work as a key mission of human resource development.
Furthermore, we are creating a system that enables the resolution of personnel issues in line with regional characteristics by developing personnel functions within the organization that are supervised on a regional basis.

Learning Platform

We are reinforcing our educational foundation, which is not influenced by the external environment, by utilizing digital technology and creating a learning platform to promote independent learning by employees.
By integrating education with the latest digital technology, we are promoting support for career development tailored to each employee.

<Overall Structure of Training>
Overall Structure of Training

Personnel Evaluation System

The Yamato Group employs a personnel evaluation system that leads to the further personal growth of employees.
This system evaluates the achievement of targets and also employees themselves. To evaluate the achievement of goals, we set operational targets for employees in the first and second half of the fiscal year and make a judgement on the results, including their daily efforts, based on the opinion of an internal assessor. Regarding evaluations of employees themselves, judgements are made on whether the employee could fulfil the role expected of them as a person in charge and a Yamato Group employee. Evaluations are made in light of evaluations of other employees in the same workplace.
We aim to enhance the abilities of each employee by making objective evaluations from various viewpoints.