The Yamato Group believes that ensuring its approximately 230,000 employees are physically and mentally fit, healthy and always filled with the joy of working is a source of corporate value. The Yamato Group Health Insurance Union takes a leading role in implementing various initiatives according to the characteristics of the business.

Promoting Improvements in Employee Health

We believe that ensuring the physical and mental health of our employees will enable us to provide high-quality services to society and increase our strength as a company. The Yamato Group conducts regular health checks to maintain and improve the health of its employees.
Health-related Numerical Data

Mental Health Initiatives

The Yamato Group conducts stress checks and activities to improve the workplace environment, to create workplaces that are physically and mentally healthy.
Specifically, industrial doctors attend monthly health and safety meetings held at Yamato Transport to consider measures to maintain and improve the health of employees.

Yamato Group Health Declaration

In September 2010, the Yamato Group formulated the Yamato Group Health Declaration with the aim of enhancing each employee's health and contributing to the creation of a more enriched society. Based on this, the Yamato Group Health Insurance Union has implemented various health strategies relating to the health of employees and their families, and provided support for health and productivity management being implemented by each Group company.
Since 2017, a total of 21 Yamato Group companies have taken on the challenge of the Health Company Declaration scheme-a health and productivity management certification system-in cooperation with other Yamato Group companies and the Health Insurance Union. Thirteen Group companies have obtained Silver Certification, which is the first step in this process. Three Group companies (Yamato Credit & Finance Co., Ltd., Express Network Co., Ltd. and Yamato System Development Co., Ltd.) have obtained the second step Gold Certification.
Yamato System Development has also been recognized under the 2021 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program, jointly selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Yamato Group Health Declaration poster
Yamato Group Health Declaration poster
Gold Certification
The three companies that have obtained Gold Certification (Yamato Credit & Finance Co., Ltd., Express Network Co., Ltd. and Yamato System Development Co., Ltd.)

Yamato Group Health Insurance Union: Specific Health Guidance

The Yamato Group Health Insurance Union is toughening the implementation of specific health checks and specific health guidance, with the aim of reducing the risk of lifestyle-related diseases for employees.
To achieve this, Group companies and partner companies such as health check operators cooperated with the health insurance union to examine implementation methods that match the characteristics of each Group company. As a result, the percentage of employees receiving medical checkups reached 98.8%, and the most recent completion rate for specified health guidance rose to 76.0%.
In addition, the proportion of employees being given specific health guidance (due to specific risks in their lifestyle habits and health checkup results) is decreasing year by year. In FY2019, around 40% of those employees showed improvements in their state of health as a result of specific health guidance given in the previous fiscal year, and have been removed from the scope of guidance.
Health support is also being provided according to health risks for employees taking medications that were not covered by specific health guidance until now.
Employees who are at risk from blood pressure, blood sugar and neutral fat were also individually recommended to visit medical institutions. Out of those employees, 96% visited medical institutions, and around 70% showed improvement in their state of health.

Yamato Group Health Insurance Union: Comprehensive Cancer Checkups

The Yamato Group Health Insurance Union conducts multiple cancer screenings together with regular employee health checks for early-stage detection of cancer.
As a measure against female-specific cancers, a breast cancer screening bus visits business locations nationwide, enabling employees to undergo medical examinations without personal cost. In FY2020 the bus visited 174 locations nationwide, with 16,814 employees undergoing screenings (a screening rate of 50.8%). Since FY2018, we have been providing subsidies for patients who have undergone cervical cancer screenings, to support the creation of a workplace environment where female employees can work actively.
We also encourage employees with findings in their cancer screenings to visit medical institutions at an early stage to undergo a thorough examination.

Yamato Group Health Insurance Union: Received MHLW Minister's Award at the 7th "Let's Extend Healthy Life Expectancy!" Awards

The Yamato Group Health Insurance Union conducts specific health checks for dependents aged 40 and over. While these checks are mainly for housewives, there are currently many who are busy with housework, childcare and caregiving responsibilities, etc., and unable to take time out to undergo medical examinations. We have therefore sought to improve the percentage of busy housewives and other dependents undergoing examinations by enabling them to choose from four types of examination-based on location, date, time and test items, etc.-according to their lifestyles. Our efforts in this area were recognized by presentation of the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Excellence Award.

"Let's Extend Healthy Life Expectancy!" Awards

Yamato Group Health Insurance Union: Involving Families to Improve Health

The Yamato Group Health Insurance Union is also working actively to improve the health of employees' family members (dependents).
In addition to Kenpodayori, a public relations magazine that delivers health information for families four times a year (in spring, summer, fall and winter), we also publish Kenpodayori Kids for families with elementary school children twice a year, to coincide with the summer and winter vacation. This is a 10-day challenge for children to learn about the importance of health and lifestyle habits from elementary school, and for the whole family to work on lifestyle improvement. In this way, we are working to increase the number of healthy families aiming to improve their health as a whole family.


Yamato Group Health Insurance Union: Creation of Data Health Plans

The Yamato Group Health Insurance Union analyzes health check and illness data for employees and their families, identifies Yamato Group health issues, and implements more effective, targeted health projects. Over the next six years, companies and health insurance unions will work together to determine target figures and check the level of achievement, in national policy initiative called the Data Health Plan.
We are also continuing the following initiatives, and supporting the active lifestyles of our employees by implementing various health improvement measures.

Health Improvement Web Service
We distribute personal health information-such as health checkup results and histories of hospital visits for each employee-and relevant health articles based on this information to employees' smartphones in order to raise interest in health and lifestyle habits. As of March 31, 2020, there were 24,900 registered employees.

Walking Event, Minna de Hokatsu
Walking events were held in May and November to encourage employees to develop exercise habits and improve their lifestyle habits. A total of around 6,500 employees participated.

Health Awareness Survey Questionnaire
We conducted a questionnaire for employees to check their health awareness, and to help formulate strategies to increase health literacy. Surveys have been conducted periodically three times in the past, with a total of 191,260 responses received.

Walking campaign poster

Yamato Group: Initiatives to Tackle Global Health Issues

As a corporate group engaged in logistics both in Japan and overseas, the Yamato Group recognizes the importance of global health issues such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, and is actively responding to them.
For employees posted overseas, we provide information on infectious diseases in various locations through training before travel, and provide information and arrange vaccinations as a measure against those infectious diseases.