Supply Chain Management

Basic Approach

It is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to address social issues such as human rights and the environment, and there is a need to make the entire supply chain sound and resilient. The Yamato Group conducts its business operations with the support of numerous business partners. We believe that it is our social responsibility to address sustainability issues throughout the supply chain for the development of a sustainable society.

Related SDGs
  • Goal 8
  • Goal 12
  • Goal 17

Main Targets of the Sustainable Medium-Term Plans 2023

  • Complete creation and demonstration of monitoring framework

For detailed targets and results, please refer to Sustainability Strategies, Goals and Results.

Promotion Structure

To formulate policies, initiatives and systems for the creation, maintenance and improvement of a sustainable supply chain, the Yamato Group has established a supply chain management subcommittee headed by the Executive Officer responsible for the procurement division.

Supply Chain Management Policy

Yamato Group Responsible Procurement Policy

The Yamato Group has established the "Yamato Group Responsible Procurement Policy" in order to conduct responsible procurement that takes the environment and society into consideration together with suppliers (partners) based on fair, equitable and honest transactions. The policy has been approved by resolution of the Board of Directors and shows the Yamato Group's commitment to sustainability actions.

Yamato Group Business Partner Guidelines

When procuring products, materials, and raw materials, the Yamato Group clearly states the contents that we request suppliers (partners) observe, such as human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption, in addition to quality, performance, price, and delivery time. We fulfill our social responsibilities throughout the entire supply chain.

Supply Chain Management Initiatives

Declaration of Partnership Building

Yamato Transport endorses the aims of the Council on Promoting Partnership Building for Cultivating the Future, promoted by the Cabinet Office of Japan and the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, and has announced our Partnership Establishment Declaration.The Declaration of Partnership Building aims to create new partnerships by advancing collaboration, co-existence, and co-prosperity between customer supply chains and companies who try to create value.

Partners (partner stores / transportation partners / EAZY CREW)

[Partner stores / agencies]

Around 180,000 stores nationwide (including convenience stores and shops) act as important partners connecting customers with Yamato Transport.

[Transportation partners]

Yamato Transport outsources part of its trunk transportation operations, etc., to other general motor truck transportation business operators.
We sign subcontractor agreements with all transportation partners.


EAZY CREW, launched in June 2020, is an external partner that delivers EC products. As an important partner in building the e-commerce ecosystem that the Yamato Group is working to create, we aim to build sustainable relationships with crew members by providing next-generation mobility that can be used even by those who do not hold a driver's license.

Daily Communication with Partner Stores

Yamato Transport is working to improve its services by conveying information on the Group's business activities, new services, and local information in a timely manner by publishing the informational magazine Kuroneko Dayori four times a year, through daily visits to stores and by deepening the level of two-way communication with partner stores, such as by listening to the opinions and requests of customers who use TA-Q-BIN received from stores.

Daily Communication with Partner Stores
We deepen the level of communication through daily collection visits.

Safety Meetings with Transportation Partners

Yamato Transport regards its transportation partners as partners in carrying and delivering important parcels to customers together. Based on this idea, we actively implement safety measures and safety training to ensure that our subcontractors implement safety first, which is the top priority in the logistics field. For example, during busy periods -such as at the end of the fiscal year, when the number of people living alone away from home increases- we set up a forum for consultation with transportation subcontractors in advance, and study accident cases.

Business Partner Questionnaire Surveys

The Yamato Group conducts business partner questionnaires of contractors and suppliers of equipment, etc., as an initiative aimed at implementing and realizing its Corporate Stance. We work to maintain good relationships with our partners through improvement activities based on the results of our questionnaires, and by strengthening communication.

Implementation of Briefings for Key Suppliers

In June 2023, Yamato Transport implemented Supply Chain Management Briefings for 84 key suppliers in order to formulate a common understanding with our partners about the supply chain management the Yamato Group aims for. The briefings focused on explaining our response to growing global attention on human rights and the environment in recent years, the Yamato Group’s sustainability initiatives, and the Yamato Group Business Partner Guidelines, which were formulated in January 2022.

Survey for Key Suppliers

Yamato Transport has launched dialogues for 84 key suppliers that utilize self-check questionnaires. Through questionnaires, we identified key suppliers who have a significant impact on business and also identified their initiatives in areas including human rights and the environment. After receiving responses to the questionnaires, we identified current circumstances through dialogues and gave feedback to these key suppliers.
Going forward, we will expand the scope of surveys and implement factual investigations through questionnaires.

Supply Chain Management Education

We have set up a task force consisting primarily of staff of the division responsible for main suppliers. The task force examines regular monitoring and holds CSR procurement workshops.

Consultation Center for Suppliers

The Yamato Group has established a consultation center for suppliers, such as transportation partners, outsourced delivery partners, and business partners.
We protect the privacy of those using the consultation center and ensure that they are not treated unfairly due to the content of their consultations.