Important Notices

Apr 28, 2020

Omission of the necessity of a Seal or Signature at the Time of Receipt and Non-Face-to-Face Receipt of Parcels

Dear Customers,

To minimize contact between you and our staff when delivering a parcel to you, we have introduced the following procedures.

[1] Omission of the necessity of a seal or signature for receipt

When you receive a parcel at home or at any of our sales offices, face-to-face or in another manner, you can opt not to affix your seal or sign for receipt.
In this event, our sales driver or sales office staff member will note on the waybill that you have received the parcel. This will take the place of your seal or signature for receipt.

[2] Non-face-to-face receipt of parcels at home

When our sales driver visits your home for delivery, let them know over the intercom or by another means how you desire to receive your parcel. According to your wishes, they will place your parcel in the place you designate, for example, alongside the entrance to your home.

  • *Please note that we may be unable to place your parcel in the place you designate at the time of delivery.
  • *Please note that we are unable to meet your request over the phone for delivery while you are absent from home.

[3] Receipt at a PUDO Station (lockers open to all home delivery service operators)

If you are a Kuroneko Member (a registered member of our program), you can use your smartphone or other device to request that your parcel be delivered to the PUDO station you designate so that you can pick it up there. (This service is only available in the Japanese language.)

For information about Kuroneko Membership and PUDO Stations, please visit the following webpages. (Japanese Only)

  • *The procedures for receiving parcels in [1] and [2] above are temporary measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. When these measures are ended, a separate announcement will be made.

For inquiries, please contact our Service Center.
Call Toll-Free 0120-17-9625 (9:00 to 18:00, 365 days a year)

  • *If it is difficult to connect using the toll-free number: 03-6757-1061(9:00 to 18:00, 365 days a year)
  • *Please note that, depending on the region and the time, the Service Center may be difficult to contact.