Delivery Volume of Small Parcels 2007/9


Oct. 4, 2007

The delivery volume of small parcels in September 2007 combines TA-Q-BIN and Kuroneko Mail, as follows:

1. Small Parcels
Volume 270,842,563 parcels
Year-on-Year Change ↑6.1%
Cumulative Volume 1,643,374,730 parcels
(↑10.4% year-on-year)
Volume 88,989,352 parcels
Year-on-Year Change ↑2.0%
Cumulative Volume 592,836,159 parcels
(↑4.9% year-on-year)
3. Kuroneko Mail (volume of shipped packets)
Volume 181,853,211 packets
Year-on-Year Change ↑8.3%
Cumulative Volume 1,050,538,571 packets
(↑13.8% year-on-year)
The delivery volume of TA-Q-BIN recorded a favorable increase of 2.0% year-on-year centering on the parcels with large and medium order. Kuroneko Mail also posted favorable growth centering on mails from corporate customers.