Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

In accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other relevant laws and regulations as well as the "Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information, etc." (hereinafter, "Timely Disclosure Rules") in the Securities Listing Regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we will perform disclosure based on the basic principles of accuracy, fairness, transparency, and timeliness.
In addition, even if the information does not correspond to the standards of laws and regulations or the Timely Disclosure Rules, we will actively and fairly disclose, at our own discretion, information that we believe is important for shareholders and investors to understand our company.

2. Methods of Information Disclosure

In addition to disclosing information through the Electronic Disclosure for Investors' NETwork (EDINET) in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, we will also disclose information that falls under the Timely Disclosure Rules through the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Timely Disclosure network (TDnet). In addition, we will promptly post information on our website and broadly disclose it as necessary.

3. Prevention of Insider Trading

In order to prevent insider trading, we have established regulations for the prevention of insider trading and periodically provide education to directors and other relevant employees through training sessions and e-learning to ensure thorough information management.

4. Quiet Period

For the purpose of leakage prevention of financial closing information and ensuring fairness, we set the period from the day following the last day of the fiscal term to the announcement of financial results as a quiet period, and will not comment on or answer questions about the content of financial results or business performance forecasts and plans. However, if a detailed study during this period found that business performance forecasts will change significantly from the forecasts previously made, we will disclose such information in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.

5. Forecasts and Plans for the Future

The forecasts and plans for the future that we disclose are based on information currently available to the Company and certain assumptions that the Company considers to be reasonable. Actual financial results may differ from the disclosed forecasts and plans for various reasons. In addition, we are not involved in or concerned with any predictions of our business performance made by third parties whatsoever.