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Purposes of Use of Personal Information

The initial version instituted on May 1, 2008

Last revision: May 30, 2017

Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. (the "Company") will use Personal Information only to the extent necessary to achieve any of the following purposes and will not use Personal Information otherwise. However, in cases where the Purpose of Use of Personal Information is otherwise limited by applicable laws or regulations, the Company will not use such Personal Information beyond said limited purposes.

The Company's Purpose of Use

  • For shareholders to exercise their rights and perform obligations pursuant to applicable laws;
  • To manage the Company's shareholders, such as preparing shareholders' data, etc. in accordance with the standards prescribed in applicable laws and regulations;
  • To provide and receive orders for products/services etc.;
  • To confirm the qualifications or the identity of the customer ordering the products/services etc.;
  • To introduce the Company and/or its business partners' products/services etc., such as sending direct mail or the like;
  • To facilitate communication between staff members;
  • To conduct various procedures regarding human resource and labor management; or
  • To otherwise implement various measures to facilitate the relationship between the Company and customers, shareholders or employees.

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