People with Disabilities

The Yamato Group has highlighted support for those who are vulnerable in society under its Employee Code of Conduct. One of its key themes is to provide employment opportunities and actively engage in support activities for people with disabilities.
We are working together with the Yamato Welfare Foundation to support the independence of people with disabilities.

Yamato Welfare Foundation Activities

The Yamato Welfare Foundation was established in 1993 by the late Masao Ogura, the creator of TA-Q-BIN and the former chairman of Yamato Transport, who invested his private fortune after retiring. Based on the Yamato Group's Corporate Stance of being a company trusted by local communities, the foundation functions as a separate detachment responsible for the Group's social contribution activities by narrowing down its activities to supporting the economic independence of people with disabilities.

Power-up Forums and Practical Cram Schools

Power-Up Forum
Power-Up Forum

The Group holds a Power-up Forum where up to around 200 people can learn over the course of a day, under the main theme of "People can feel happiness by becoming independent." The forum originates from the Power-up Seminar launched by Masao Ogura, Yamato Welfare Foundation's first director. *In 2020 and 2021, the event was held online.

Employment Promotion Project

In order to increase opportunities for people with disabilities to work, we are working to encourage and support employment at each Group company.

Kuroneko DM-bin delivery business

[Yamato Transport: Utilization of human resources in Kuroneko DM-bin delivery business]

Since October 2004, we have been working on a project to arrange for deliveries of Yamato Transport's Kuroneko DM-BIN mail delivery service to facilities for people with disabilities under the title of "Kuroneko mail delivery service for persons with disabilities" (now Kuroneko DM-BIN delivery service for persons with disabilities). We have been continually arranging the delivery of Kuroneko DM-Bin mail by since April 2015.

Career Transition Support Project

[Yamato Jiritsu Center Swan Kosha: Career Transition Support Project]

Yamato Jiritsu Center Swan Kosha-which supports general employment through job training-provides support for people with disabilities to enable them to acquire knowledge and skills, search for job openings, establish themselves firmly after finding employment, and live independently in the community; through bread manufacturing and sales, dry cleaning of clothing, and building cleaning services.
The Yamato Welfare Foundation also supports these activities.

Subsidized Projects

Independence support for people with disabilities

Independence support for people with disabilities
In order to support the independence of people with disabilities, we conduct subsidy projects to aid in the purchase of tools and equipment necessary for the development of new products and improvement of productivity in order to support the financial independence of welfare facilities. In addition to subsidizing projects and activities that engage people with disabilities in their independence and social participation, we also offer scholarships that do not require repayment, for university students with disabilities.
In 2021, we called for recipients for a temporary subsidy grant to combat COVID-19.

Yamato Welfare Foundation: Masao Ogura Award

Masao Ogura Award

The Yamato Welfare Foundation Masao Ogura Award is presented to two individuals every year in recognition of their achievements in actively advancing independence support for people with disabilities, the creation and expansion of employment, and the improvement of working conditions.

Activities of Group Companies

Letter of appreciation
Letter of appreciation

[Taiwan Yamato International Logistics]

Taiwan Yamato actively employs people with disabilities from the foundation, a welfare foundation. After hiring, employees are assigned according to their individual abilities. We strive to create a workplace where employees with disabilities can play an active role, participating in company events such as employee trips, birthday parties, and year-end celebrations. In December 2017, Taiwan Yamato received a letter of appreciation from the Taiwan Ito Foundation in recognition of these efforts.

creating a workplace where employees with disabilities can work actively
Focusing on creating a workplace where employees with disabilities can work actively

Other Activities

Summer Fund Raising

The Federation of Yamato Group Corporate Labor Unions holds an annual summer campaign every year. In FY2021, the campaign received donations from around 230,000 Yamato Group employees, totaling 93,523,000 yen. Campaign funds are presented to the Yamato Welfare Foundation, which supports the independence and social participation of people with disabilities, and to Ashinaga, which offers physical and mental support for children who have lost their parents due to illness, accidents, disasters or other such causes.
The summer campaign-which began with the aim of supporting the bereaved families of traffic accident victims, given that the federation members are labor unions of companies that work on public roads-is now in its 35th year, and the total amount of campaign funds gathered so far has exceeded 1.7 billion yen.