Occupational Health & Safety

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Yamato Transport-which plays a central role in the Group's transportation business-regards ensuring safety as one of its most important management issues, and is steadily implementing occupational health and safety initiatives in accordance with safety and health management regulations. In addition to establishing a dedicated department in charge of occupational safety and health at our corporate headquarters, we have also established a Central Safety and Health Committee-chaired by the executive in charge of occupational safety-to address health and safety for the whole company.
Yamato Transport is working to enhance its safety and health management system to create a safe working environment free of occupational accidents, and ensure that employees can work with peace of mind. In July 2022, we held a Zero Occupational Accidents Week. We created posters to spread awareness of our key targets, and worked to eliminate occupational accidents at all of our business locations.

Fiscal 2022 Key Targets
Scene / timing Guidance
Collection and delivery Do not look at handheld devices, paper slips or other such items while walking.
Getting on and off truck bed Check the height and shape of vehicle steps on a daily basis.
Place parcels on the truck bed, hold a handrail, etc., and climb down backwards when getting off.
Operating forklift Carry out work within the clearly specified area and pay attention to the movement of pedestrians where the work area intersects with lines of movement.
Loading and unloading boxes Use Power Gate trucks correctly, including the fall prevention belt. Do not approach the work area unnecessarily.
Working at sales offices Ensure thorough fixed position management to prevent trips and falls over duckboards and small containers.
Working at bases Ensure thorough manual rechecking when using material handling systems and wear protective equipment when working.
Using hand lifts Avoid loading personnel as weight when withdrawing from empty pallets, and be sure to store pallets in fixed position management locations.
Using stepladders When using stepladders, check that the open/close hinge latch is properly locked.
Collecting and delivering inside buildings (using a cart) When loading luggage in a cart (including 6-wheeled carts), only load to eye level, and pay due care to the movement of people around you.
Working inside offices Do not place objects on lines of movement that people walk along, and install cord covers on power cords along lines of movement to prevent trips and falls.

Occupational health and safety policy

Yamato Transport has established a Plan to Ensure Transportation Safety and formulated basic policies on Occupational Health & Safety and Traffic Safety.
For details, please refer to the disclosed Open in New WindowInformation on Transport Safety Management. (Japanese only)

Education on Occupational Safety

The Yamato Group provides education at each group company to prevent occupational accidents.

Yamato Transport: Occupational Safety Training

In order for all employees to acquire basic knowledge on preventing occupational accidents, Yamato Transport uses standardized work procedure manuals and internal safety information magazines, provided  both at the time of joining the company and in regular educational training. In fiscal 2022 , we implemented foundational occupational health and safety training for managers responsible for business divisions, health management supervisors, and safety management supervisors, with 10,278 participants. Additionally, we request cooperation in to operate safely by providing videos of safe and correct procedures for operation of items such as fork lifts and tail gates, not only internally but also to our partner companies.
We conduct educational training on safe work procedures related to traffic safety and occupational safety through videos.  

Section of training video
Section of training video

Yamato Box Charter: Safety Lectures

Safety lectures

Yamato Box Charter invited external instructors to conduct practical training for forklift operators and business locations with forklifts, in order to prevent serious accidents caused by forklifts.

Occupational Safety Initiatives

Yamato Transport: Measures Against Heatstroke

Yamato Transport has implemented various measures to suppress the onset and severity of heatstroke in daily life and during work. Specifically, we have created a more comfortable work environment by installing air coolers and spot coolers at bases and other parcel sorting locations. We have also introduced other items as measures against heatstroke, such as neck coolers, salt candies, and salt tablets for employee health management.
Additionally, we have prepared guidelines and manuals on heatstroke countermeasures to alert all employees to the dangers of heatstroke and inform them about the flow of reporting when heatstroke occurs.

Yamato Transport: Unification of On-Premises Sign Display Rules

Sign display
Safe route indicated by uniform markings

Yamato Transport is working to create a safe and secure working environment free of occupational accidents.
In order to prevent occupational accidents associated with the handling of roll box pallets (boxes) and forklift work, we have clarified areas of operation for forklifts and designated safe routes for pedestrians. We have also established common standards for safe routes, areas of operation for forklifts and lines of movement for boxes, specifying details such as the colors, widths of markings, signs and installation locations; and unified rules for signs and markings on premises. Through these efforts, we aim to ensure that employees have common awareness of safe and dangerous areas, and prevent occupational accidents.