Safety & Security

Basic Approach

The Yamato Group owns a large number of vehicles, and uses public roads as its main place of business. The Group's business operations therefore have a major impact on society, and we believe that ensuring the safety of local communities is an important responsibility. Road safety is also an aspect of occupational safety for the employees who drive and ride in our vehicles.
The Yamato Group has highlighted respect for human life and endeavoring to ensure safety in its Group Corporate Philosophy and Corporate Stance, and thoroughly implements the philosophy of "safety first, sales second" in order to give top priority to respect for human life at all times in its business operations. We also share the philosophy of respect for human life and ensuring safety with our partner companies and business suppliers, and strive to ensure safety in all business activities.

In addition to transportation safety, we are also engaged in occupational health and safety initiatives to provide better services to our customers, based on the belief that the safety and health of the more than 220,000 employees who support the Yamato Group are the foundation for the Group's sustainable growth. We are also engaged in quality safety initiatives to create customer satisfaction.

Related SDGs
  • Goal 3
  • Goal 8
  • Goal 9
  • Goal 10
  • Goal 11
  • Goal 12

Main Targets of the Sustainable Medium-Term Plans 2023

  • Achieve zero serious traffic accidents (fatal traffic accidents where the Company is responsible)
  • Reduce number of traffic accidents (where bodily injury occurs) by 50% compared with fiscal 2019
  • Achieve zero serious occupational diseases (work-related deaths)
  • Reduce frequency of lost workday injuries by 20% compared with fiscal 2019

For detailed targets and results, please refer to Sustainability Strategies, Goals and Results.