Social contribution through core business operations

Since the launch of TA-Q-BIN, the Yamato Group has created numerous services and simultaneously created both economic and social value as a company while solving customer issues. This is the very essence of CSV (Creating Shared Value) initiatives, with the Group improving its own economic competitiveness while at the same time solving social issues.
Japan is currently facing a variety of social issues, including a declining birthrate, aging population, and rural flight (depopulation of rural areas). The Yamato Group is focusing on new CSV initiatives, in other words, contributing to the resolution of these social issues in cooperation with local governments and other partners, as a contribution to society through its core business operations.

All Aspects of Daily Life Through Transportation and Delivery

Developing Initiatives to Watch Over Senior Citizens Wherever Population Aging Is Progressing

With the declining birthrate and the concentration of population in urban areas, rural flight (depopulation of rural areas) and aging are nationwide issues. As one consequence of this, the need to regularly visit elderly people who do not have family members in the neighborhood to check their state of health has increased. Yamato Transport has been developing various initiatives since FY2010 in cooperation with local governments and other partners, including watching over the home status of senior citizens when making regular deliveries.
As of March 2021, we have signed 172 agreements with local governments and related organizations nationwide. Based on the situation in each region, we will continue to expand the regional scope of our activities while reviewing their content as needed.

Community Revitalization Initiatives

Passenger / Cargo Mixed Transportation Initiatives

Yamato Transport is working with local governments and bus companies to maintain the bus route networks in mountainous areas where depopulation and aging are progressing by introducing passenger/cargo mixed transportation (simultaneously transporting passengers and cargo together), and improving lifestyle services for local residents by improving the efficiency of logistics.

Advantages of Mixed Transportation

Local customers
Since the bus route networks in depopulated areas are maintained and stable use of route buses can continue, residents can access facilities such as hospitals and supermarkets, stabilizing their lifestyle base. TA-Q-BIN services also become more convenient, since sales drivers stay in the area for longer periods of time, enabling longer collection deadlines. It is also expected to have a beneficial effect on traffic safety and the environment by reducing the number of vehicles running in the region.

Departure ceremony in Nobeoka city
Departure ceremony in Nobeoka city

Bus companies
Transporting TA-Q-BIN in the free spaces of local buses can provide new revenue streams that enable bus companies to maintain their bus networks and increase productivity.

Yamato Transport has launched passenger / cargo mixed transportation services in cooperation with Miyazaki Kotsu Co., Ltd. and local government agencies. This initiative has increased the length of time that sales drivers can stay in villages, enabling them to respond to requests such as wanting to change delivery times, and allows consideration of other services such as shopping support and watching over senior citizens at the time of delivery.

In 2017, we also introduced route buses equipped with dedicated cool boxes. We are also contributing to the expansion of sales channels for local specialties, such as by quickly delivering the local specialty Nishimera salmon overseas while maintaining freshness.

Lifestyle Support Utilizing Community Hubs

Nekosapo Station
Supporting the lives of local people through Nekosapo Station

The Yamato Group established Life Support Service Nekosapo locations-in Tama, Tokyo in April 2016, in Matsudo, Chiba in October 2019, and in Fujisawa, Kanagawa in June 2021, aiming to enrich the lives of local residents.
Through these locations, we are seeking to revitalize local communities by sharing local information and holding exchange events at Nekosapo Stations-community hubs established in public housing complexes and commercial facilities.
We also provide lifestyle-related services such as housework and shopping agent services to support the lives of local residents through cooperation between local governments and private companies. In Tama, Yamato Transport provides batch delivery services, delivering the cargo of other couriers in bulk.
Through these initiatives, we are seeking to revitalize local communities that connect various generations, such as senior citizens and child-rearing households, and to support the secure and comfortable lives of local residents.

Nekosapo Station, Terrace Mall Matsudo
Nekosapo Station, Terrace Mall Matsudo

Coordination with local government and companies

The Yamato Group aims to be a partner that solves local issues together with communities, as the company that is loved and trusted most by society.

Breakdown of initiatives by type (as of March 31, 2021)

Number of local governments signing agreements Total number of initiatives
Watchover assistance 172 133
Shopping assistance 14 55
Produce support 14 133
Tourism support 14 120
Event support 4 71
Disaster support 151 157
Passenger / cargo mixed transportation 11 45
Hometown tax donations (furusato nozei) 20 265
Environmental conservation 2 6
Other community support 22 177
Comprehensive support 75 72
Total 499 1,234