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Fact Data

Fact Data 2020

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PDF Open a new window.Financial Highlights (Consolidated)
(PDF ・581KB)

Operating margin, equity ratio

PDF Open a new window.Business Groups at a Glance
(PDF ・639KB)

Growth and Profit Potential of Each Business

PDF Open a new window.Main Products
(PDF ・601KB)

Delivery amount of small parcels, operating revenues from small parcels

PDF Open a new window.Market
(PDF ・594KB)

Takuhaibin (door-to-door parcel delivery) delivery amount, volume of freight transport

PDF Open a new window.Profitability (Consolidated)
(PDF ・587KB)

Return on equity and return on revenues

PDF Open a new window.Financial Soundness (Consolidated)
(PDF ・564KB)

Interest coverage ratio, current ratio

PDF Open a new window.Productivity (Consolidated)
(PDF ・565KB)

Operating revenue per employee, number of employees by type

PDF Open a new window.Cash Flow (Consolidated)
(PDF ・591KB)

Cash flow, capital expenditures and depreciation

PDF Open a new window.Performance Indicators
(PDF ・560KB)

Earnings per share (consolidated), cash dividend per share

PDF Open a new window.Stock Information
(PDF ・611KB)

Stock price and stock volume, stock breakdown by percentage of total shares

PDF Open a new window.11-Year Summary (Consolidated)
(PDF ・563KB)

Operating results, financial position, cash flow, per share data, other data

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